Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy 2 Month Anniversary!

Hot diggity! It has now been two snarky months since The Ranter’s Box joined the blogosphere. I have been completely and utterly thrilled to bits by all of the new followers, amusing comments and most of all for having the opportunity to resume writing again.

Because it is early days I’m still in the process of deciding what this blog will shape up to be in the long-term. However, each and every day I continue to be inspired by many of my fellow blogspot bloggers and their brilliant writing including:

The Bitchy Waiter – he is a laugh-a-day guaranteed!

• Annah at Red Means Go – check out her hilarious drawings!

• Jamie at Daydream Believer – she is an awesome and entertaining writer.

• Charles at In Review: Stuff and Things – he is witty, real and always amusing!

• Una at The Sassy Curmudgeon – she is funny and one of my original inspirations to start blogging.

• Donda at My Husband Misunderstood when I said I was Bi – she is full on crazy in the very best of ways!

• Linnykins at Randomness – she takes beautiful photos that I love to look at whenever I am feeling homesick.

Plopculture – you never know what he will be serving up and I am fully convinced he is the male version of me!

• Steve G. at Stephen on Stuff – he provides entertaining commentary on TV shows, books and whatever else is rolling around in his mind.

This list is by no means inclusive and I am certain without a doubt that I will be adding to it as I get more acquainted with all of your blogs. In the meantime, thank you ever so much for all of your support and for helping me get one step closer to becoming the next Empress of the Blogging World!

xoxo to you all my lovelies!


  1. Happy 2 months! Before you know it, you're "involved" with your blog and cancelling appointments, bailing on your friends and only halfway paying attention to your favorite shows. It's all about the blog, baby!

  2. Congratulations Empress!! Look how far you've come in only 2 months!
    I dig it.


  3. YAY happy two months! Keep makin' me laugh and exposing perverts and weirdos...

    just don't expose me just yet... i'm not ready to go back to prison.


  4. Happy 2 month anniversay. Keep up the gret work. I'm loving it

  5. @Jess: Ha! You are telling me!! I can spend hours researching, writing, and of course reading the blogs of all my bloggy family members.

    @Corianda: Thanks my dear!

    @Charles: Merci! I love knowing that I can make a few folks laugh... and don't worry your secret is safe with me. Hugs!

    @The Bitchy Waiter: Thank you my lord of bitchiness!

    @Mynx: Thanks a bunch. Your kind words mean the world to me.

    Love you all!!!

  6. Wasn't aware that you are only two months old. Keep up the entertaining and interesting work!

  7. We read all the same blogs! I've been reading your comments and finally made it over here... Love it!

  8. @Alexa O: Thank you for the kind words. You made my day!!

  9. Let me just say, first - big fan.

    And second, you could really help drive traffic with some nude photos. It worked for Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, why wouldn't it work for the Empress? You know, something classy, like you splayed on the hood of a Thunderbird, or straddling a Harley.

  10. @Steve G: Thank you for the kudos. I am touched.
    Photos = Funny!! I'll have to remember to hire you as my publicist once I become the next Empress of the Blogging World.

  11. Congrats. Just found you through Steve G's blog and your blog is a lot of fun! :D

  12. @Sadako: Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. I aim to please in the fun department!

  13. Also, speaking as Miss Sadako's agent, her comment here means that you owe me a 10 percent finder's fee, and her $10 for every comment.

  14. @Steve G: I always suspected you were a pimp! xo

  15. Whoot! Happy Blogaversary!

  16. @A Chicago Blogger: I am overflowing with gratitude for all the bloggy love. Thanks!!

  17. Hurrah! Here's to many more. :-)

  18. @Margaret: Thank you!... and I can only hope : )

  19. Well played! Keep it up.

    Also, love me some daily Una... good call

    Thanks for sharing some of your favorites...


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