Thursday, July 29, 2010

Down doggy... okay, well maybe just a little

Not typically one to be at a loss for words, I was rather shocked when I came across this particular video of a woman and what appears to be the family pet:

While both the dog and the woman seem to be enjoying this little love fest, I can’t help but wonder exactly how much special training was necessary in order for fido to learn to use his paws in such a skillful manner… This visual pretty much gives an entirely new meaning to ‘doggy style’… I’m just saying…


  1. That. Was. High. Larious.

    I literally JUST had my dog neutered and it was exactly to avoid doggie-style molestations such as that !

    By the way, I think that lady got down on all fours way to willingly... WAY


  2. @Corianda: Yeah, I was pretty much thinking that the lady had assumed the position on more than this one occasion. She was as giddy as a school girl. Nana just might fly the freak flag higher than one would expect!

  3. @A Chicago Blogger: Hopefully disturbing in an amusing rather than truly sick way because my intention is always geared toward having a bit of a laugh.

  4. Oh, of course in an amusing way...but also a...I think she enjoyed it more than the dog kinda way. ; )

  5. @A Chicago Blogger: Naughty nana!!!

    And in reference to yesterday's post, let this be a lesson to any prospective spinsters that this is what life will have in store for you if you continually engage in behavior that scares all the boys off! ; )

  6. Good gawd! I bet she gives that dog special treats for doing that trick.

  7. @Anonymous: It certainly would appear so!

  8. Hahahaha.

    That is tremendous. Reminds me of a trick used to do with the family dog and a jar of peanut butter.


  9. @ Charles: long as you used a wet wipe afterwards!


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