Saturday, July 3, 2010

Online Dating Profiles … and Lies

Hey Ranter’s Box fans! Being that it is a long holiday weekend (i.e. my creative brain is on vacation today) and we have some brand new readers who may have not seen this original post, I thought I would re-share it with ya’ll…
LIKE IT OR NOT, online dating is here to stay. In theory it is a great way to connect with potential romantic prospects with whom you would have probably otherwise never met. But I did say theory here folks! In reality though, both my male and female friends have many gripes about the murky world of online dating. With this in mind I would like to offer a few dating profile tips.

1. Don’t lie about things like your height or alleged athletic prowess. If your profile says you are 6’3 and a master of multiple sports, the ladies ARE going to notice if when meeting you that you are only 5’6 and are sporting a Homer Simpson belly.

2. Don’t post photos that in any way misrepresent who you are physically as a person. If you are balding, overweight, less muscular, turning gray or whatever, then own it with confidence and let the ladies decide if they find the real you attractive.

3. Don’t fabricate the level of your career success. If you say that you own a large real estate development company and in reality you are an agent for the local REMAX, then the ladies are going to think you are a dick and wonder what else you are lying about.

4. Don’t lie about your age in your profile. If you say that you are younger than you really are but in your photos you look like someone’s great grandfather, then at the end of the day the only person you will be fooling -- and playing hide the salami with is yourself.

5. Don’t post your profile on an online relationship dating site stating that you are looking for a serious relationship or marriage if in reality you are merely looking for a quick hookup. There are dating sites geared specifically for players so use them instead!

1. Don’t post photos of yourself where you are airbrushed beyond anything even close to resembling the “real” you. You are far better off posting more authentic photos of yourself and letting the guys decide if they find you visually appealing, otherwise you are just setting yourself up for disappointment when a guy you fancy never calls you back because of your ingenious “bait and switch” tactics.

2. Don’t lie about your age. Yes, men are known for liking younger women. However if you take care of yourself and look good for your age, then the year you were born won’t really matter as long as a man finds you attractive.

3. Don’t post half naked or skanky photos of yourself. Yes, men find a sexy woman incredibly appealing, however sexy is an attitude and comes from inside not from some hoochie mama getup you are wearing. And remember, while guys might bang a skanky chick they will never consider one for a serious relationship.

4. Don’t post some “princess looking for a sugar daddy” profile and then later wonder why guys treat you like a whore. There are special dating sites geared specifically for gold diggers so please go peddle your lady bits there instead!

5. And absolutely no “buts”, excuses or justifications for why you aren’t abiding by these rules! Be yourself not some manufactured image you think will attract the most men.

With that all being said, of course everyone involved in online dating wants to market themselves in the very best way possible, we all get that. However, if a person isn’t also portraying themselves authentically then what they are really doing is misrepresenting -- which equates to lying. And no one wants to start a relationship based on lies! …I’m just saying…

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