Monday, July 26, 2010

Friends don’t let friends dress up their pets

While I admit that I really love animals and even understand treating a pet like a member of the family, there are still some wack-ass people out there who go to the absolute extreme when it comes to pampering little fido! Now maybe it is just me, but animal attire, pet bakeries, dog strollers, holiday costumes and the like all seem a bit over the top. Way over the top!

And to prove that I’m not making this wackadoodle shit up, here is some incredibly delightful photographic evidence accompanied by the intimate thoughts of our furry little friends:

“I’ve got your ‘Hello Kitty’ bitch!”

“Seriously? I know Batman is really cool and all… but WTF?!”

"Just because you and your fat, lazy ass like to lounge around on the couch wearing a god-awful Snuggie and stuffing your face with Twinkies does not mean that I aspire to the same misfortune!”

“Ha Ha! Very funny. Don’t wonder why I shit all over your bed the next time you leave me home alone.”

“You have two seconds to take this ridiculous crap off of me before I go ballistic and rip you a new ass!”

So attention all you misguided pet owners out there: Please refrain from acting as if your pet is actually a wee little human being who delights in being dressed in asinine costumes. They clearly don’t you big stupid morons! …I’m just saying…


  1. That was some funny shit there...I don't care who ya are!! That cat in the tie-dye....well, I ain't trying to make no accusations but I think somebody was sitting in a smoke circle when they came up with that bullhockey nonsense!

  2. These pictures are so hilarious! I like the one with the dog threatening to crap all over the bed. Why people do stuff like this to their animals is beyond me. I know someone who actually had a large portrait painted of their dog and then hung it over the fireplace. It does kind of make you question their sanity doesn't it?

  3. @Donda: I do my best! Bullhockey is right. A tie-dyed snuggie looking garment for a cat is just plain wrong. I'm with you on the smoke cirle thing too. What else could explain that mess?

    @Anonymous: Why thank you. Thank you very much! There are some sick puppies out there and I'm not talking about the dogs either. Please tell us that you are joking about the poochie portrait your friend had commissioned. That is just plain insane!

  4. Empress, I must admit that the Hello Kitty kitty really made me laugh. The other one's though, yeah, they just sucked and I felt bad for the animals involved.

  5. Bahaha, "I've got your 'hello kitty' bitch"?
    Hilarity. Pure. Hilarity.

    And I can't be sure, seeing I don't have dog-mind-reading capabilities but Batman, is pretty much thinking:

  6. I love my tie-dyed snuggie. and my cat loves her matching tie-dyed snuggie.

    That's right. I said it.

  7. LOL, Snuggie and Twinkies indeed. Get a life people! Pets just want to eat, sleep, shit, and tear up your couch. Instead of spending your money on dress up clothes for a dog, hit the gym and lose some of that fat ass!!!

  8. @Steve G: I'm glad Hello Kitty made you laugh. I'm with you though about it sucking for those poor animals. What were their owners thinking?!

    @Corinda: Thanks! I aim to please. You are right on re: what the batman dog is thinking. He looks totally misearable huh?

    @Charles: Why am I not surprised?... How about the squirrel though?

    @Martha: Well, that pretty much sums it all up! ; )

  9. These pictures are very funny!!! But people who dress up their animals are not normal, they are just plain crazy. They need to get a life instead of tormenting their poor pets. I know some lady at work who paid $150 for a dog stroller which is totally mental!

  10. @Anonymous: Merci! ...Wow, $150 seems like a lot of dosh to spend on a contraption to push ones pet around in. Crazy indeed!

  11. We couldn't find a tie-dyed snuggie that was squirrel sized and accomated my squirrel's massive nuts.

    Lol. That was funny on at least 3 levels.


  12. @Charles: Ah, you never cease to amaze me my friend. Funny on 3 levels is good!

  13. Poor Batpuppy...his face screamed - Help Me... Please!!

  14. @Tree: I knew you would comment on Batpuppy. Who does that to their pet? Poor wee guy!


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