Monday, July 19, 2010

Yo, Dumb Arse Drivers - Get the Hell Off the Road!

There is nothing more annoying when you are out cruising around then having some ass-for-brains moron jack up your driving experience. You know what I’m talking about people …those gawd-awful idiots who don’t use their turn signals, or who don’t know that the gas pedal is the skinny pedal on the right, or the ones who decide to turn right at the very last second -- from the far left hand turn lane.

Then of course there are those jerks in the left turn lane at a busy intersection that stall the flow of traffic from being able to turn on green because they are too busy eating, texting, putting on makeup, reading the paper, wacking off, or god knows what else.

But by far the biggest jackasses are the ones who drive 15 miles below the speed limit in the fast lane -- and then become extremely irate when other people try to go around them.

So attention all you a-hole drivers out there: if you are lacking in driving ability or confidence then perhaps you should take a drivers’ education course. In the meantime, either take a taxi or get the hell off the road and out of my way! …I’m just saying…


  1. Loved this post before I even watched the video, and then I LOVED this post! The video totally! SO damn funny!

    And all of what you said is right on the mark, but let's not forget those drivers who believe that yielding onto a highway means breaking and stopping completely. Grrrr!

  2. Oh my god, I hate bad drivers. My biggest pet peeve is people who drive in the right lane on the highway but don't pay attention to drivers who are trying to merge. Pay attention people!! It's called offensive driving! Hey, I like your blog. Thanks for letting me vent.

  3. I'm in an area with lots of tourists in the summer, which means they violate all of these rules. The worst is that they're ignorant of how the two-lane highways work - You take the right lanes to get into turnarounds using the stoplights. Some people doesn't realize this and try to do a U-Turn across two lanes of traffic, with a lane behind them, and everyone else is going 50 miles an hour.

  4. @Michelle: Mahalo for the blog love! ... Yes, yielders who STOP COMPLETELY drive me insane and make we want to run over their asses. I think perhaps we needs special roadways for those types of driving challenged idiots.

    @Martha: I'm definitely feeling the blog love today. THANKS! I'm guessing the right lane drivers on the highway are also the same people who stop completely at yeild signs. No confidence, no confidence at all... Feel free to vent away. The Ranter's Box is the place to say all those things that you really and truly think!

    @Steve G: I live in a tourist area as well and it is definitely 'amatuer hour' when they get behind the wheel. Stupid idiots!

  5. Hahaha too rich. This might seem base... But I really love videos of car accidents or of people behaving accidentally stupid.... This was both and it made me so happy.



  6. @Charles: Glad you enjoyed it! There was another video I was considering which had some 'funny' car accidents although the opening segment didn't look like it had the best outcome for the driver so I went with this particular video instead... And by the way, not base at all. This kind of stuff makes me laugh as well ; )

  7. People get on my nerves who are aggressive in heavy traffic and won't let you in when the lanes are merging. What is the point when no one is really going anywhere anyhow? It is like they have to be in control or something. Arrrrgh!

  8. Many regrets for the shameless self-promotion, but I relate so much to this particular rant that my whole blog is about it -
    Take a gander - it seems we have much snarkiness in common.

  9. Some of these buffoons actually swear and blast the hooter at you because they are convinced they are in the right. You would swear the only licence that some of them possess is a TV licence!

  10. @Anonymous: I totally get that! Once when driving with my friend in rush hour traffic some crazy lady in her big ass SUV decided that she was not going to let us merge and started to play chicken with us. When we won that particular game the bitch went psychotic. I wish we would have thought to video tape her going ape shit!!

    @Crabby Commuter: Thanks for the blog comment. Pimp away my friend. There is always plenty of love in the blogosphere! I look forward to checking out your blog.

    @Mthoko: I think even the ability to possess a 'TV License' might be a bit out of the realm of possibility for some of those jackasses! Hoot! Hoot! : )


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