Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Excuse Me, Your Child is a Freaking Little Monster

While I appreciate that even the best and most experienced parents have to endure an off day with their kids from time to time, there are still some little heathens out there that are completely and utterly out of control.

Case in point: One day I was out reluctantly shopping at one of the big box stores du jour. While standing in line at the cash register I discovered directly behind me was this dirty, disheveled demon seed of a little girl and her mother. The kid proceeded to climb all over the displays near the register -- without mommy even once telling her daughter to reel it in.

After thoroughly ransacking the displays the child then decided that it would be great fun to systematically go through no less than nine giant blocks of gourmet chocolate and crack the chocolate inside the packages into zillions of little pieces. Again, the mother said absolutely nothing and allowed this disturbing behavior to continue. I was standing there biting my tongue and trying myself not to say anything to the little brat.

Just as I was about to pay the sales clerk and get the hell out of the store, the Spawn of Satan projectile sneezed all down the back of my arm -- snot everywhere! Even worse, there was no forthcoming apology from the mother and the child was completely oblivious to the fact that what she just did was beyond disgusting.

As for that entirely enjoyable experience (NOT) it wouldn’t be unreasonable for one to conclude that if you are going to have children then the least you can do is set some boundaries, know when to dish out appropriate discipline, and for god sake, teach them good hygiene and sanitary practices -- otherwise don’t wonder why your kid later ends up in prison … I’m just saying…

Added Bonus - Here is a video of a kid who must certainly be the brother to the Spawn of Satan mentioned above:

Have a great day ... and don't forget the birth control!


  1. The child in the video will be proud of having done that spot when he is 30.

    Also: you should have told the child. I tell the child first, and then if that fails, i tell the parents. In public, at least. I dont put up with that shit. Ever.

  2. @Charles: A very proud moment indeed! ... What that kid needed was a good ass whooping. Being that she and her mother were right up my ass in a crowded line in a crowded store, I couldn't address one of them without addressing the other. The situation was so out of control that for once I was at a loss for words... words that didn't stoop down to the level of that little monster.

  3. That kid you wrote about sounds terrible. I'm not sure what I would have done in your situation. What a useless parent! They probably wouldn't listened to you or anyone else if somebody spoke up.

  4. @Anonymous: That child was beyond BAD! It is sad that there are people out there who are allowed to reproduce and yet they take zero responsibility for the actions and behavior of their children. This negligence sets children up to fail in life.

  5. The part about that little girl sneezing all down your arm was soooo gross! I hope you had some hand sanitizer with you. I totally laughed at the video of the bratty boy. How embarrassing for him to act up like that.

  6. I love this advert!! def use birth control.
    I like kids (with manners) but i like to give them back too, god i dont think i could bite my lip, i'd have to say something, thats just rude, disgusting and complete bad parenting!
    if anything like this happens again, tell the parent dont hold back they need to know!

  7. I have a 2-year-old so I see this from a different perspective, although, I still think it's funny, :) . Before I had kids I couldn't stand them, but now, I see a sad child who is trying to get attention from a neglectful mother. Kids aren't inherently bad, they act up in reaction to the way they are parented.

    On the other had, kids are messy and loud, sometimes you gotta pick your battles. The good news is, when do you have kids, the other ones who are loud or annoying don't bother you nearly as much.

    I was out to dinner once with two childless friends. We were sitting next to table with two moms and a bunch of kids. I was chatting away, having a good time. And those people left, both of my friends were like, "Thank God!" I was all, "What? Oh that? Didn't even notice them." LOL

  8. @Anonymous: Being a germ-a-phobe and all, I am still completely traumatized.

    @PrincessBeks: Kids are great provided they have decent parents who teach them how to behave in public. Obviously this was not the case here. And the mother was standing just as close to her daughter as I was so she saw everything that was going on and still did nothing. There would have been no reasoning with the mother as I fully expect good parenting was entirely outside her scope of ability... Glad you enjoyed the video!!

    @Martha: I completely agree that kids behaving badly are a direct reflection of parenting skills -- or lack thereof. Kids will be kids and therefore get out of line from time to time but destroying property and behaving in a vulgar manner is an entirely different thing altogether.

  9. OMG!! I completly aggree with you! Kids need to KNOW how to behaive in pblic. That child is a complete embarrassment & that mother should be shamed (not that thats a big punishment but still) This is why I dont like kids...

    Hope you didnt get an infection from that snot form that demon child's nose

  10. @Creativity never ends: Thank you so much for the blog love!! ...Shocking post wasn't it? Unfortunatley situations like this happen all too often. The parents are responsible yet often don't take accountibility for what their children do. If boundaries aren't set for kids then they grow up not knowing any better -- and well, that generally leads to no good.... Hmmm, now that I think about it, maybe the snot incident was why I got really sick shortly thereafter.... Have a great weekend!!

  11. Beat the parents!
    Kids don't come out "all knowing" and if they act like brats it's because the parents didn't teach them what is expected of them in public situations.Beat the Parents!
    But, yes, kids go through the stages where they are developing their own identity and hence the "terrible twos" and such, but you still have to discipline them and discipline yourselves as parents to make the rules and stick to them! Yes, parenting is harder than any job out there and it's really hard sometimes to stick it out when you enforce the rules for a child, but consistency is key and it's what you are committed to do when you decide to have kids...
    But many parents shouldn't be parents as they almost encourage future criminals with their lack of parenting skills and/or abuse and neglect. BTW- if I had that child you mentioned snot on me after seeing it run rampant like an animal in the store wreaking havoc, I would have immediately turned to the mother and wiped my snotty arm right down the front of her clothes and casually walked to the bathroom to disinfect with head held high!!!

  12. @G: I COULDN'T AGREE MORE!! Bad children are generally the result of bad parenting... And I loved your suggestion of wiping my snot covered arm on the clothes of the mother! Too funny : )


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