Friday, July 23, 2010

Clueless Parents Who Dress Their Kids Like Dorks

Today’s post is dedicated to the awesome Jamie at Daydream Believer. While this is a re-run from June 17th it is a special post being that it elicited my very first ever ‘hater comment’…

Recently while I was out hiking I came across a family that caused both my friend and I to look at each other with raised eyebrows. Now I am not one to say unkind things about someone’s level of attractiveness, height or other physical characteristics they can’t change because that would be just plain mean. But there are however plenty of things that a person can change when it comes to their overall appearance – things like grooming, hairstyle, and choice of clothing. So what the heck is up with parents who dress their kids in a way that automatically sets a child up to be labeled as the school nerd?

Here was this poor little boy who could have been seen as cute had his parents NOT dressed him in high-waisted shorts that came up to his arm pits, a tucked in t-shirt, long black socks and a sun bonnet tied securely under his chin. Seriously, the parents might as well have put a sign on the kid’s back that said 'kick me' and then sent him straight into the clutches of the school bully because this child is doomed to be regularly stuffed into school lockers and to have his lunch money stolen. And to make matters worse, a few moments later the father came strolling up the hiking path in virtually the same idiotic outfit as his son. This kid, thanks to his dorky parents, doesn’t stand a chance in hell!

Now I get that not everyone is destined to be the star athlete or school beauty queen and that we all have own individual ideas about what we consider to be fashionable. But come on clueless parents, is it really fair to dress your kid like some sort of reject that even Mister Rogers would laugh at? There are affordable discount stores like Ross, Walmart, The Warehouse (or whatever similar store is in your neck of the woods) where you can get your kid some clothing that is reasonably stylish and looks like it comes from this decade. So please do your child a favor and think about this the next time you are out shopping for their clothes! ...And NO, your kid would not love to wear that stupid reindeer holiday sweater with the sparkles…

Happy Weekend my lovelies!


  1. In the end... the kid who is not wearing the loose jeans that hang down to his knees, with his hat on sideways and the fake goldtone chains from hell, will be the reigning champ of some business he either owns, works for at a top level, or invented...The little guy will triumph and have the summer house on the island and $$ in the bank while the kids who beat him up will be hangin' on the corner waitin' for their checks from Uncle Sam and talkin trash to their hos and not wiping the snot off their dirty kid's faces. Go nerds, go!

  2. Oh dear that poor poor little boy having clueless parents.
    I think there should be a community clas about how to dress your child approprietly, dont you think??

  3. @Anonymous: There is nothing wrong with someone being intelligent or non-athletic or even average looking BUT parents who are so clueless that they end up causing their otherwise normal children to become outcasts, well that is such a shame.

    @PrincessBeks: Yes, a community class or a parenting manual that helps parents understand that their choices do indeed impact the lives of their children. But then again, some humans have no business reproducing and therefore wouldn't probably get 'it' anyway! ; )

  4. I feel kind of bad for that little kid having stupid parents. Who in their right mind would dress their child like that?

  5. @Anonymous: Definitely... and he was actually a cute kid just very much 'dork-i-fied' by his lame parents. If it had been Halloween then maybe no big deal, but dressing a boy like that down near a beach (or anywhere for that matter) is just plain mean.

  6. Here's to hoping that poor kid will soon be old enough to gain his own fashion sense (and that he won't follow after his parents in that regard)

  7. @LitEnthusiast: Unfortunately the little boy looked like he was about 6 years old. It is a fairly educated guess that he will have a long road of teasing ahead of him.

  8. I agree with this post.

    I frequently feel people must be ridiculed for dressing in a way that is only bound to cause them to get beaten. You have raised an important issue here. Next time I see a nerdy kid, i will make it a point to let him no that he is NOT ok.

    Hahaha. Good post.

  9. @Charles: Thanks! ...While I think that everyone shouldn't all be the same, a child who is made to be so different from their peers that they are picked on and ridiculed isn't fair. I would hope for the sake of children that parents would be a least somewhat cognizant of this fact. Being a bit unique is one thing but being viewed as the school freak/weirdo is something entirely different. ...I'm guessing you weren't ever the type to wear a sun bonnet... ; )


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