Saturday, July 10, 2010

Really Mad & Crazy Max

In case you have been living under a rock or merely try and steer clear of bitter public battles between celebrities and their former partners, a new audio tape has been released of the former A-list star Mel Gibson going off on an angry, crazy, racist and emotionally abusive tirade against his most recent baby momma. Now, I will fully acknowledge that I don’t personally know Mel and that there are generally two sides to every story. However, in this instance the evidence seems to be speaking for itself… i.e. Mr. Gibson is showing himself to be a hate-filled, racist, certifiable wackadoodle. It is no surprise that immediately following the release of the audio tape that William Morris Endeavor, the talent agency representing Mel, dropped him like a hot potato. I mean no matter how clever or experienced the ‘spinmiesters’ might be, there is just no way to justify Mad Max saying that his baby momma deserves to be raped or any of the other vile comments he made. I’m guessing that the KKK or even Hitler himself would agree that Mel definitely went far beyond crossing the line of acceptability this time. Poking fun or taking the piss at something or someone is one thing, BUT going into a hate-filled, hurtful rage is altogether something different. It is not cool. And as much as it disappoints me to say this about such an incredibly talented movie star and director, I think the nail is well and truly in the coffin this time. Mel seriously needs to check himself into the looney-bin and undergo some major psychiatric treatment. …I’m just saying…

*To listen to the actual audio tape, go to:


  1. I read about it. Pretty sick stuff, what a pig! Why didn't you post a link to the tape?

  2. Mel Gibson's behavior is so radioactive and nutty that I wonder if he ever works again. He could rebound in the past because of Passion, but his latest movie was a flop.

  3. @Anonymous: Pig indeed. Radaronline had an accompanying warning sign threatening imminent death for republishing the audio.

    @Steve G: Yes, hopefully Mel has planned well for his retirement because he will likely NOT work in Hollywood anytime soon.

  4. Look at the pic you posted of him. He's starting to have the Keith Richards' little brother thing going on with his alcohol ravaged face and pale non-circulating skintone...for a guy who was once known even more for his good looks, he's known more now for being a pice of s**t! Well, I hope he looks in a mirror and sees the real man in the mirror that he's become inside and out...he's already being punished!IMHO

  5. @G: Yeah, Mel isn't looking too 'fresh' these days now is he? Anyone who is filled with that much hate is probably living a hell-filled life... or he will be very soon.


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