Thursday, July 1, 2010

DJ For A Minute - Just For One Night

Here is a shout-out to blog follower ‘G’ who requested this fun music video by the awesomely talented band Jeremy Buck & The Bang. If you haven’t heard of JB&TB then you have definitely been missing out. Their most recent song ‘Just For One Night’ was in full rotation at 100.3 The Sound in Los Angeles. To be an unsigned band and to receive regular radio play in this day and age is incredibly impressive. To be talented musicians, exceptional performers, and all-round great guys, well that just makes JB&TB all the more special. And so you can better understand just what I’m raving about my friends, I say crank up your computer speakers and click play, because it’s time to get ‘BUCKED’!

Attention Music Industry Executives: Someone needs to snap these guys up and sign them already! ... I'm just saying...


  1. Thanks Rant Box Rebel!
    I really found this so catchy that I couldn't get it out of my head after the first listen! They really are great!
    As I posted before about them, this could be a crossover hit in pop or pop/country as it just has that catchy vibe. Maybe they will thank you for helping to spread the love!Hope everyone listens and enjoys as the video is great as well!

  2. @G: You are most welcome. The Ranter's Box is quite fond of this tune as well... Country I'm not so sure about though. Perhaps you haven't seen the JB&TB video remake for Another Brick in the Wall. Rockers through and through.

  3. never heard of them before but this band rocks.

  4. @Anonymous: You have very good taste, so says The Ranter's Box.


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