Monday, August 2, 2010

Don't mess with the monkey!

Recently I went off about eejits who make a sport out of dressing their poor little pets in the most ridiculous of fashions. Since then it has been brought to my attention that there are actually some animals that not only enjoy wearing clothes but also believe that they are bonafide human beings. Meet Pan-kun the genius, comical and rather entertaining chimpanzee:

Just don’t tease him or f*ck with his bananas!


  1. Oh Feck that was Highlarious. I effing love Japanese T.V....I'm hosting a Japanese exchange student soon and she asked me if she could bring something from Japan for me and you can guess my request....
    I heart you and your infinitely funny finds.

  2. So smart!
    That was great!
    What about the chimp that tore that women's face off? He was the chimp from the Old Navy commercials ...remember? Not good at all... just like some skanky humans- you can put them in nice clothes but they are still animals!

  3. Awww. I know, I know, it's demeaning, but CHIMP IN HUMAN CLOTHES!

  4. @Corianda: Glad you enjoyed Pan-kun. There are heaps of videos of him and his doggy pal James on youtube. Have a wee gander, you won't be disappointed.

    @G: Very clever chimp indeed. I do though prefer my primates to be the kind that DON'T engage in tearing faces off.

    @Sadako: Pretty amazing huh? Pan-kun seems to really believe he is a human.

  5. hahaha. he kicked that thing's ass. good wrestling moves. He could be on WWE, but i think he's a little to intelligent for their fan-base to "get him".

  6. @Charles: I concur! Smart little 'monkey' that one is for sure.

  7. LOL! Great stuff. Love it! Me want more!!!!!

  8. @Anonymous: Merci! I will do my best to conjur up some more amusing stuff for your reading/viewing pleasure.


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