Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reality TV - "I mean, who does that?"

Reality TV in general is a bit like visiting a televised human zoo. Put fame-hungry participants inside a television fishbowl, stir in some manufactured drama and watch the mayhem begin. Whether these types of shows are completely fake, semi-scripted or just too freaking crazy for anyone to have made up, reality television certainly makes for an interesting study in human behavior. Cast members tend to be either bitchy, stupid, trashy, overly emotional, manipulative, slutty, domineering, attention seeking -- or just plain wackadoodle. And sometimes those human train wrecks otherwise known as reality ‘stars’ are blessed with several or even all of those highly appealing attributes. I know this because I have been earning my armchair doctorate in psychology by watching this season’s critically acclaimed show The Bachelorette. Yes, I am somewhat embarrassed to admit this fact, but even so there is nothing quite like watching 25 guys going head-to-head in highly unrealistic situations trying to win the affections of one lone girl. The power plays, backstabbing, crying, and sheer craziness demonstrated by some of the men on this show are absolutely legendary. Seriously, a couple of these dudes need to either check themselves into the nearest psycho ward, grow some balls, or just plain never show their faces in public again. Case in point, check out this video of wussy Justin Rego an ‘entertainment wrestler’ from Canada who literally attempts to escape through the bushes after being caught out for having not one but two girlfriends back home:

I’m pretty much guessing this little escapade of Justin’s won’t bode too well for his career as ‘Rated R’ the scary professional wrestler nor for his love life now that all the ladies across the globe know what a lying, conniving tool he REALLY is. Buh-bye Rated R, don't let the dressing room door hit you in the ass!


  1. HA! HA! JUSTIN GOT BUSTED!!!!!!!!

  2. I hope therz more too the story cuz I thought justin wuz kinda cute, maybe he is a jerk? :(

  3. @Anonymous: Classic scene wasn't it?

    @Anonymous: Who knows with all the editing done on reality television, but after those phone messages were played back I don't think Rated R can explain his way out of this one.

  4. I think she should give them all black roses and marry Zach Anner!

  5. @ G: I'm thinking I don't really give a crap regarding which way that crazy soap opera plays out... Zach is no doubt loving all the attention he is getting via way of The Ranter's Box!

  6. Zach has many youtube videos out so this Oprah one is just one of many. He said he used to do a show at his college called The Wingmen and it's on Youtube as well, so he'll get famous from YT but you helped those of us here who don't scroll through YT everyday to find him, for sure!Thanks !
    Also, for what it's worth, I don't watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette...but I love the Biggest Loser and Losing it with Jillian!Still it's all "reality TV" and creatively edited and partially scripted and so in reality there is no reality....


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