Friday, August 20, 2010

Take this job and shove it

Whether you are working now or not, at some point in time most of us have dreamt about quitting our jobs or even fantasized how exactly we would go about telling our boss to shove it.

When Steven Slater the flight attendant from JetBlue recently quit his job by allegedly making an announcement on the airplane intercom system, grabbing a beer and exiting the plane via the emergency slide, people across the world cheered and called him a hero.

And why the hell not? He did what most fed-up, unappreciated and overworked employees wish they actually had the balls to do. Not only did he quit but he quit in the grandest of fashion! For this I give Steven some major props.

Like many people I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall of that airplane, but at this point no one has been able to produce a video of Steven and his famous exit from JetBlue. No doubt there will probably be a future movie or reality show depicting the whole crazy ordeal. Until then, check out this amusing and slightly naughty video of a guy who thinks he has won the lottery and therefore takes great pleasure in quitting his job:

Now if you haven’t thought of doing at least of couple of those things then you should probably get a bit more creative with your exit strategy!
…I’m just saying…


  1. Think I heard on the radio the other day that they are actually planning a reality show hosted by him. All about crazy ways to quit your job. Could be a fun view.

  2. @Mynx: Yeah, I heard something about that as well. Now that would be one reality show that I think I would actually enjoy watching!

  3. I think winning the lottery and quitting your job are two of the most common pants-on fantasies people have. And to be able to do them both at the same time! Nice.

    I used to hear this bit that one of the local morning radio shows would play of a female DJ who basically quit her job LIVE on air. It was pretty humorous.. i think the last line of the bit was her just saying "i quit dis bitch" and leaving the room which of course meant dead air until someone else figured it out and came in to throw on a song.

    Empress..thanks for checking out my 'just launched' blog, i'm glad you did since it brought me to yours.. reading which will undoubtedly will kill much of my weekend!


  4. Between him and the HOPA girl (, it was a banner week for job quitting and fake job quitting.

  5. Very entertaining video, This is my first time on this blog and I think I am hooked! Gah... haha. Anyways keep up the posting love the way its organized. Love'd the title "I have a dream.... to get BON'ed" caught me off guard it was good.

    Anyways check me out sometime
    Your newest follower,

  6. I know the feeling of wanting to quit a job in some spectacular fashion, but let's face it...I'm a wimp. The most rebellious thing I've ever done work-wise was back in 2002.

    I'd been hired on for a new job, and I'd already given my two weeks notice for my current (crappy) job.

    I was on my last few days of those two weeks. I had been desperately trying to get someone to cover one of my shifts, because my husband and I had tickets for the Opening Ceremony for the 2002 Winter Olympics that day. A once in a lifetime opportunity. No one covered my shift.

    The morning of the Ceremony I was still scheduled to be working, but I ignored every nagging phone call that came in that day. What were they gonna do? Fire me? (The Opening Ceremony was spectacular, by the way. Well worth the rebellion.) :)

  7. That jet blue guy was insane. And probably right.

  8. I lost my job in January of 2009...when I say "lost" I mean they got rid of my position and me with it! I would have LOVED to have left that place by quitting rather than being axed. I would have given my boss a REAl piece of my mind! I give JestBlue Steve and high five!

  9. @Simple Dude: You are most welcome! Cool story about the DJ. Thanks for sharing.

    @Steve G: Okay, I definitely have to check out hopa girl, cause I'm a curious kitty...

    @Christoph: Thank you for your kind words. I'm feeling the blog love today and it feels good!
    Looking forward to checking out your blog as well.

  10. @Candice: Love your rebellion. And you are right, the Olympics are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I bet you have no regrets, huh?

    @Fickle Cattle: Thanks for stopping by and chiming in!

    @Me, Myself and I: Being made redundant always sucks. And as much as most of us would love to carry out an elaborate exit from our shitty jobs I think we stop and remember that sometimes it isn't such a good idea to burn bridges. Fantasizing about it sure is fun though!

  11. I WISH! I am THIS close to quitting my job....

  12. Mmmm all jobs I have ever had have made me want to do a jet blue man. Sigh..


  13. @Corianda: A girl can always dream! ; )


    @Alexandra: Thanks for the blog love and becoming a new follower! Here is to hoping you finally find that one job that is right!

  14. i like my coffee brown...... lol.

  15. @Charles: That was horribly gross wasn't it? ; )

  16. Gah, I wish I had Slater's guts. They've been many a moment when I was tempted to say - Take this job and ....

  17. @Dysfunktional: Hell to the yeah! I'm guessing most of us have been there... only it took someone like Steven to carry out our job quitting fantasy! He Rocks!!


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