Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ooh! Ooh! I learned new tricks…

Whichever eejit said that you can’t teach a snarky, mermaid-vampire new tricks was sadly mistaken. I say this with the utmost confidence because over the past 24 hours, I, The Empress, have learned not one but two new tricks!

First off, despite being a self-proclaimed ‘techno moron’ somehow I managed to not only create but actually post my very first blog drawing.

After being in complete awe of Annah over at 'Red Means Go' who draws the most amazing pictures for her blog, as well as the rest of you who are also blessed with such talents, I too will now be able to create drawings to accompany my snarky rants when and if they are needed. Yay! Unless of course you decide said drawings are sucky, in which case I shall be sad…

But anyhow and without further adieu, here is my first computer drawn artistic endeavor:

Yes, I thought I would aim high by attempting a totally glamorous and regal self-portrait!

And now for trick number two. I also learned how to paint on already existing photographs:

This little trick pleases me to no end. Now I will be able to happily deface the photos of all those celebrity fame whores that I so love to ridicule. The possibilities for naughty snarkiness are beyond endless.

Things are definitely about to get fun my lovelies!
xo The Empress


  1. I know how to do that stuff, but with school and trying to have a life, AND keeping up with my blog at least once every few days, I neither have the time, energy, or attention span to do those drawings. Heck even finding pictures to put in my blog is becoming a chore. :/

    I'm glad you're happy.

    The Adorkable Ditz


  2. @The Adorkable Ditz: Yes, blogging is time consuming for sure. Finding suitable pictures to post can be challenging hence why I was determined to learn to create my own drawings.
    Thanks for being happy for my happiness.

  3. I cannot wait for these defacings. I would most love to see a Heidi Montag one. I don't care what you do with it, but it must be grand. :D

  4. @Erica: That's the spirit girlfriend! Thanks for the Heidi suggestion. She is right up there on my hate list, next to Paris Hilton.

  5. That's great! You should have seen me the first time I used paint...it was a travesty!

  6. Whoo hoo Empress. Love the drawing. I myself have only just been brave enough to paint on existing photos. I think part of the fun of blogging is evolving the whole look of the blog. Annah provides me with inspiration too.

  7. Yeah for fabulous drawings!!! I fully intend to post more on my blog and I hope to see more of yours too!!!


  8. You go girl! I look forward to your future artistic renderings. I admire your mad computer picture painting skills. Keep it up! :)


  9. @Donda: Thanks for the props! I would love to see some of your drawings to accompany your hilarious stories. Then I'm sure I would really piss my pants!

    @Mynx: Merci! It is always nice to receive encouragement. Rah! Rah! Here is to the Annah fan club!

    @Me, myself and I: Thank you Jess. I will definitely check out your future drawings as well.

    @Candice: Why thank you! This is certainly encouragement to try creating more drawings. xo

  10. funny text post + paint drawings = ~10x text alone


  11. Some times all the "fiddling" around pays off.... or at least that is what I tell myself. Have fun with your new trick!

  12. @Liz: Glad you enjoyed! I love to make people smile!

    @The Chick in the Chair Perspective: Thanks. I fully intend to enjoy, although I do hope I haven't set the bar too high as far as expectations go!

  13. I just read Heidi Montag is getting her bubbles reduced to a D or double D, so you can have fun with pics of her as is NOW before the reduction! He-he!
    I just upgraded to IE8 and got the Yahoo Toolbar and in their Tools I added an app for YOU! Yes, I now have a blog icon with The Ranter's Box app attached so I can one click you! Love to read this blog!
    I hope all Followers of yours (72 as of this moment) will add your address to make a custom app for their toolbars as well. :)
    In this time of sad economic reality, I enjoy reading your take on the craziness out there in the world. Makes me not take everything so damn seriously and just get a laugh or a nod as I leave my world for a few minutes to read this.

  14. @G: Thanks for the update on that skank Heidi. I'll have to get onto that follower request ASAP!

    Very cool about the toolbar app. And thanks for the continued blog love and support. It is my mission to make as many people smile each day as humanly possible. All I need now is to get B.O.N.'ed so I can reach more people! Want to be my blog pimp? ; )

  15. Like perez?!?! woo woo



  16. Yes, I can be your unofficial B.O.N.Pimp! LMAO!
    I demand as your pimp that you tell the blog world to add you as a custom app to their IE8 toolbars immediately or I'll have to take you out Biatch!(sound pimpy enough?)
    You should totally be a B.O.N.'afied Empress!
    Now git to BONin', biatch!

  17. Wow, i'm still learning too, teach me please lol.
    am very impressed with the drawing bravo. xx

  18. @Alexandra: Perez is a good suggestion. Let me see what I can work on for you!

    @G: Thanks my blog pimp! xo


    @PrincessBeks: I appreciate your kind words. You can create drawings in Microsoft Paint. Save them like photos and upload to your blog.


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