Friday, June 4, 2010

Excuse Me, Your Child is a Little Monster!

While I appreciate that even the best and most experienced parents have to endure an off day with their kids from time to time, there are still some little heathens out there that are completely out of control. Case in point: One day I’m reluctantly out shopping at one of the big box stores and while standing in line at the cash register I discover directly behind me is this dirty, disheveled demon seed of a little girl and her mother. The kid proceeds to climb all over the displays near the register -- without mommy even once telling her daughter to reel it in. After thoroughly ransacking the displays the child then decides that it would be fun to systematically go through no less than nine giant blocks of gourmet chocolate and crack the chocolate inside the packages into zillions of little pieces. Again, the mother says absolutely nothing and allows this behavior to continue. I’m standing there biting my tongue and trying myself not to say anything to the little brat. Just as I am about to pay the sales clerk and get the hell out of the store, the Spawn of Satan projectile sneezes all down the back of my arm – snot everywhere! Even worse, there was no forthcoming apology from the mother and the child was completely oblivious to the fact that what she just did was beyond disgusting.

As for that entirely enjoyable experience (NOT) it wouldn’t be unreasonable for one to conclude that if you are going to have children then the least you can do is set some boundaries, know when to dish out appropriate discipline, and for god sake, teach them good hygiene and sanitary practices – otherwise don’t wonder why your kid later ends up in prison … I’m just saying…


  1. I was recently at a yogurt shop where two kids were wiping their fingers across the dispensers on each one and eating the remaining yogurt sticking out. The mother ignored it, so I went right up to the cashier and told her what was going on. She went over and cleaned off each dispenser and didn't say anything to the mother either - but geez - why do people have kids if they are going to ignore them and not be accountable for what they do?

    We treat kids today like fragile, glass, newborn kittens and don't do anything that might upset them or frighten them. I think it's time we start calling kids out when they cross the lines. Instead, everyone - including these god awful parents - act like they are too scared of the kid to correct or discipline them.

    The world does not revolve around kids. I want my peace and quiet, I want a respectful environment, I want things kept neat and clean and kids who are "out of control" or disrespectful of those things should not be tolerated.

    And Andrea, you are right. If kids don't learn authority when they are young, they'll learn it the hard way when they encounter authority that has ZERO tolerance for their games and disrespect. The police, the court system, and the IRS are not the kind of people you want teaching your kid about authority.

  2. Genie, too right you are! Thanks for reading and taking time to comment.

  3. Preach,girl.

    Some kids,right? If I ever have kids,I'll take a damn lead pipe to 'em if they pulled that shit. XD


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