Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oprah’s OWN Audition Video

Ok, so I have some pretty amazing friends, so much so that I have spent the past several weeks visiting the Oprah website and clicking non-stop on the vote button for two of my friends who are auditioning to get their own TV show. Just in case you don’t happen to drink the Oprah kool-aid or are otherwise out of the proverbial loop in the world of television production, the “Big O” is going out and starting up her own TV network. And if that weren’t exciting enough, she is going to be giving some talented, fascinating and incredibly fortunate person their very on television show. While I would be thrilled to pieces to see either of my girlfriends become the world’s next fabulous talk show host, I couldn’t help but check out some of their competition. In doing so I found Zach who is auditioning under the category of ‘wildcard’:

Now I don’t know about you but I say hats off to Zach. Anyone who can put a clever and entertaining Oprah audition tape of themselves -- (complete with a scene of him kitted out in his red ‘underoos’) up on YouTube for the entire world to see gets at least one of my votes!


  1. Zach! You are the best! You need to be a comedian (as you really already are!) You personality is great and your humor genuine and funny! I vote for Zach and he's cute, too! I hope you get a talent scout to see your video, Zach and book you! You deserve it!:)
    Thanks Rant Box for putting up Zach's video or I never would have seen it!

  2. @Anonymous: Zach really is entertaining isn't he? Let's wait and see what madame Oprah thinks.


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