Monday, June 21, 2010

Jerk of the Week – Tony Hayward, BP CEO

Well, if this latest example of not really giving a shit doesn’t put the whole BP oil spill debacle into perspective then I don’t know what the heck does. Highly insensitive BP CEO Tony Hayward decided that it would be perfectly acceptable to spend the day on Saturday watching his US$700,000 52-foot yacht participate in the glitzy Isle of Wight annual yachting race in England. Now correct me if I am wrong here folks, but aren’t there still massive amounts of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico? How is it that the top leader of a company directly responsible for a catastrophic environmental disaster of such grave magnitude can be out there socializing with other wealthy boaters when across the ocean homes, businesses and lives are being lost because of poor decisions made by BP? Perhaps this latest incident helps explain why Tony Hayward can claim to the US House investigations panel that he was/is out of the loop regarding decisions surrounding the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion. He is obviously too busy living the high life near the pristine waters of his home county. Someone should sack this prick already – thus allowing him to finally “get his life back”. …I’m just saying…

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