Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sheep Mentality

So, I’m at the movies recently and decide to go get myself a drink. My friend and I go out to the concession stand and see three long lines – out the door! No one in line seemed to be concerned, they were all just blindly following the person in front of them. Upon closer inspection we realize that there are actually five workers behind the counter minding the cash registers. My friend goes up to one of the workers at a register without a line and asks if they are serving customers there. Very quickly a few of the “sheep” start getting their wooly knickers in a twist and insist that there are only three lines – despite the worker stating otherwise. At that point some of the smarter “take charge” people started moving over to where they could be more promptly served while most everyone else stayed right where they were. Interesting I thought, maybe some people actually enjoy standing in long lines when they don’t have to – I know I sure the hell don’t. Which got me to thinking about how there are leaders and then there are followers. While I suppose there is nothing wrong with being a follower, if you are going to be one then at least know what the heck you are following. …I’m just saying…


  1. Wow. I'm always a little to slow to realise that there's another cashier line which is actually invisible! Hehehe But I do try to be sneaky and ask too ;) Lets LEAD!

  2. Thanks for reading love, S. To lead is always good because after all who the hell wants someone else "driving their bus"?


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