Monday, June 28, 2010

Frustrations with Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a basic household staple and generally isn’t given a whole lot of thought. Today however I was reminded how something as simple as toilet paper can have the ability to annoy the absolute piss out of people. In light of this matter I think it is high time that someone address those moronic makers of bathroom tissue.

Dear Toilet Paper Manufacturers,

Would you please NOT use SO MUCH glue to seal the end of new toilet paper rolls that it is virtually impossible to get to the actual toilet paper itself? I do not appreciate grabbing for a new roll and having to stand there for five minutes -pee dripping down my leg – fighting to get the damn roll open. By the time I am finally finished ripping and tearing my way past all of the glue it looks as if some psychotic cat used the toilet paper roll as a scratching post. This displeases me greatly and I am fed up. Please take this under immediate advisement.

Thank you,

Another Annoyed Consumer

CC: People Fed Up with Unusable Toilet Paper Rolls


  1. Ditto to the paper towel people as well! I waste the first 3 sheets trying to get past the glue on the first one.LOL!
    RIP Mr. Whipple! We loved you!

  2. @G: Yes, the paper towel thing is annoying as well, but at least it doesn't generally involve peeing oneself!


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