Saturday, June 26, 2010

That ugly beast, The Minivan Part II

So as the law of attraction would have it, today when I was out driving around I seemed to encounter one old, butt-ugly minivan after another. It was almost as if some mythical minivan overlord was trying to get me back for yesterday’s snarky diss on the minivan. And to make matters worse I discovered yet another Toyota commercial trying to brainwash the masses and convince us all just how cool we will be if we race right out and get ourselves a hot new ‘swagger wagon’ :

Yes, I will admit the commercial is creative and even fun … BUT come on people do we really want to have to endure perhaps another decade of minivan hell on the roadways? I know I sure the heck don’t and neither do the People Against Mini-Vans (P.A.M.V.), the Minivan Haters For Life, and the Minivan Haters Club (the last two groups can be found on Facebook by the way). I say it’s time to unite and stop Toyota from attempting to resurrect that nasty monstrosity otherwise known as the minivan. Are you with me minivan haters?


  1. I love it when some frustrated mother tries to play Jeff Gordon in a mini van. Great blog.

  2. @Jane: Oh, you are making me laugh just envisioning that scenario! Thanks for reading and please know that I appreciate the positive feedback. Feel free to become an official blog follower and/or share with your friends. Have a great day!


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