Thursday, June 24, 2010

Take that, you damn printer!

So yesterday my friend had an Office Space moment and went all ballistic on his printer. Apparently there were curse words flying left and right and perhaps a punch or two which resulted in us taking an unscheduled trip to the office equipment store in search of a new printer. Upon discussing the various equipment options with the store clerk and identifying a suitable replacement, I couldn’t help but ask my friend if maybe he might want to consider a printer that comes upgraded with ‘roo bars’… to which his reply jokingly involved something about being bitch-slapped and we both laughed. Now we’ve all been there before, ready to rip our hair out, seriously contemplating taking a sledge hammer to some crappy printer, fax machine, copier or other related piece of evil office equipment that was clearly brought into our lives with the sole purpose of tormenting us and making our lives a living hell. And we can all pretty much testify that it sure isn’t funny that particular moment we are engaged in full on war with said piece of office equipment… It is however pretty hilarious watching someone else go all postal in that type of situation now isn’t it? …I’m just saying…


  1. @Lunar Eclipse: Glad you enjoyed it! I once had another friend who wanted to throw a printer from the top of a four story building...

  2. Urgh... I'm chronic for jamming printers and photocopiers. It's as if office equipment is out to get you when you desperately need those things printed or copied eh... It knows... and then it STRIKES!! RAWR!

  3. @love,S: I am so with you there! I can only be thankful that cell phone videos weren't highly used when I had my own personal meltdown over office equipment.


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