Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bring It "Hater Lady"!!!

WOO HOO! Yesterday The Ranter’s Box got its very first comment by a “hater”. They say there is a first time for everything so I thought it only appropriate to commemorate this momentous occasion with a special tongue-in-cheek rebuttal just for that particular individual.

Apparently this person did not take too keenly to the “Parents Who Dress Their Kids Like Dorks” rant. I’m guessing it might because this post hit a little too close to home and perhaps conjured up memories of “The Hater” being stuffed into a school locker or having other kids laugh at their ridiculous style choices. Either way the overall response to this post has been phenomenally great … So attention “Hater” - maybe you just might want to consider the following points:

1. The Ranter’s Box loves receiving comments and even appreciates feedback from a differing perspective as long as that feedback is with merit! Please read blog posts carefully and in their entirety. Consider the context of what is actually written before you get all sanctimonious. (And in case you didn’t know it “Hater”, sanctimonious means to act holier-than-thou or to make a showing of moral superiority.)

2. If you are going to admit to working in the profession of childhood development it might be a good idea for you to brush up on your cognizant thought process and grammatical skills before making comments lest you risk looking both stupid and sanctimonious!

3. The blog post was about parents who dress their kids in a way that ultimately risks the child being labeled as a weirdo or misfit. THIS WAS NOT a post geared toward making fun of anyone’s physical characteristics or lack of money. Doing so is just plain mean and not acceptable by The Ranter’s Box standards.

4. With regard to your comment about Americans, technically I am a permanent resident of a country other than the US. While it is true that Americans can be outspoken, from my travels I can tell you that people from countries other than the US actually do care about what they wear. So “Hater”, go ahead and bash Americans but I doubt you’ll be making many new friends on this blog or elsewhere!

5. This blog is written from the perspective of someone who is outspoken and says all those things that other people are probably already thinking. The target audience is intelligent, witty thinkers with a sense of humor. If this particular demographic doesn’t describe you “Hater” well then you and your sparkly reindeer holiday sweater can always hit the Next Blog button at the top of my site -- or better yet, go write your own damn blog! … CHEERIO Hater Lady!


  1. Mmm, people have a choice of reading what they want, if they're not happy with the content... well it's their option to not read it :)

    So you're from NZ? Thanks for the compliment on the header! :D

  2. @linnykins: Thanks so much for the support... NZ is my adopted country and one of the best places on the planet as far as I'm concerned : )

  3. From the "Hater":
    I am not trying to be mean, like you are, with my comment. Just pointing out that maybe the child dressed himself.
    This blog is uncalled for, rude, and a disgrace.
    If you want to put a public spot of your writing on the internet for people to read; write professional. Be open to different opinions. Don't bash them for it.
    Also i am a male, and GLAD i am not an American!

  4. @Anonymous "Hater": Thank you so much for coming back and visiting! Differing opinions are wonderful and even welcome BUT they still need to correlate to what is actually being written.
    PS: I don't suppose you will like my post on minivans today. Something tells me you are probably very fond of them... just a thought...
    Have a wonderful weekend Mr. Hater!


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