Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dumb Arse Drivers

There is nothing more annoying when you are out cruising around then having some road retard jack up your driving experience. I’m talking about those idiots who don’t use their turn signals, don’t know that the gas pedal is the skinny pedal on the right, or who decide to turn right from the far left hand turn lane. Then there are those jerks in the left turn lane at a busy intersection that stall the flow of traffic from being able to turn on green because they are too busy eating, texting, putting on makeup, reading the paper, wacking off, or god knows what else. But by far the biggest morons are the ones who drive 15 miles below the speed limit in the fast lane – and then become extremely irate when other people try to go around them.

So attention all you a-hole drivers out there, if you are lacking in driving ability or confidence then perhaps you should take a drivers’ education course. In the meantime, either take a taxi or get the hell off the road! …I’m just saying…


  1. I got my license 6 months ago and everytime it seems like I encounter 10 of these! Once this person actually followed me almost home on my butt no matter how fast I went! I was in a residential going 35 and he was still on my butt!

  2. @The Adorkable Ditz: Thanks for chiming in! I'm impressed that you went back into the achieve and found this post. I updated this post in July to include a funny video of bad drivers. Hope you enjoy it!!


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