Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What WON’T be happening at the Royal Wedding

From prancing vicars to leap-frogging princes and bumping royalty to a randy groom, my guess is that none such frivolous and frowned upon activity will be occurring during the glorious royal wedding of Prince William to his lovely bride Kate later this month. In an alternate universe however, this is what the crazy party version of the royal wedding might look like:

One can only imagine what sort of joyous debauchery would then take place at the accompanying wedding reception. Extremely good times for all no doubt!

Enjoy your week my lovelies!
xo The Empress

PS: Please let me know in the comments section below what sort of fun shenanigans you would like to see happen during this momentous occasion.


  1. If I ever get married again, that's how I'm coming down the aisle!

  2. I love this! I hope there is a lot of booze served at the reception, and some old skeletons come out of the closet.

    Will to Charles: "YOU KILLED MOM!"

    Imagine the awkward silence....

  3. I want to see that old ass queen actually take off her ugly hat (because you know she will be wearing an ugly hat) and dance. Hell do anything other than sit/stand there looking like a corpse.

  4. @Mrs. Hyde: As long as I get to be your flower girl, matron or some sort of the wedding party!

    @Lost.in.Idaho: OMG! That would be classic.

  5. @Oilfield Trash: Queenie did 'try' to shake her groove thing whilst she was heading down the aisle. Maybe someone can sign her up for Dancing with the Stars?

  6. My sister and her husband came down the grand staircase at their wedding reception to White Zombie's Thunderkiss '65 head bangin' and all. It. Was. Awesome.

  7. This video is the BEST ever!!!!! I loved it and I think I will ask The Hunter if we can renew our vows in this manner. Honestly, I would love to have that kind of wedding.
    BTW - the only reason I am not attending the Royal Wedding is because they won't allow me to wear my tiara.

  8. i.want .to.see. that.

    sorry...i could not care less about the royal wedding...

    or any wedding...

    but i would love to see something like that video...until they got to the vows...then yawn...stick a fork in me...

  9. That was a great commercial but I'm kinda over the wedding. I'm sure it will be great but it just seems so stuffy. Not thanks. I'm sure I'll catch a highlight reel somewhere.

  10. I will not be watching it. It will be televised for a friggen week afterwards anyway, so I'm sure I'll see enough. Those people need to lighten up and taken those sticks out of their asses! Know what I mean?

  11. that's too funny and eerily realistic

  12. @Heather (aka Sugar Free): It. Sounds. Like. It!

    @Middle Child: Please post your royal inspired wedding video for us to all enjoy. In the meantime you are always welcome to wear your tiara around here. I always do.

    @Bruce: See, now you can say you did see the royal wedding, just the kind that you could tolerate ; )

    @Jewels: Well in case you change your mind word has it that the wedding will be airing at some horrific hour like 4am.

    @Bouncin' Barb: Their look alikes certainly know how to cut loose though.

    @David L Macaulay: Yay! Glad you enjoyed it.

  13. now that's the way to come down an aisle

  14. what lovely fun. I reckon a whole lot of stuff goes on behind closed doors in the palace.
    Dont think I can be bothered watching the wedding though, as Barb says, it will be on every channel.
    I just wish Kate much happiness marrying into those crazies

  15. That was brilliant! The actors look so amazingly like their characters! Awesome!

  16. @becca: Prince Harry was the best!

    @Mynx: Oh to be a fly on the wall behind those closed doors...

    @Katshide: Very realistic look-alikes for sure.

  17. I agree with OT, except the ugly part. haha

  18. But how much would you pay to see the Queen come dancing in like that? They're trying to make this a modern wedding, so why not have a modern entrance, too?

  19. @Copyboy: So, you are fond of her hats I take it?

    @Muay Thai Los Angeles: Thanks for chiming in. I think the Queen dancing down the aisle would be priceless!

  20. At the wedding, I hope to see (but probably won't):
    Real smiles, not fake ones.
    Women wearing hats that don't look like plates.
    Nice, properly-tailored dresses for the York moochers.
    Combed hair.


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