Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And the debauchery is officially out of the oven!

After slaving away in the oh-so-naughty blogosphere kitchen, Bruce and I have finally finished cooking up our spicy and saucy little dish for you. So if you are ready for a big ginormous taste of our blogging collaboration then head on over to stupid stuff i see and hear, open wide and enjoy …oh, and don’t forget those handy dandy wet wipes…

Happy Hump Day my lovelies!
xo The Empress

PS: Please let me know below what you think of our cooking experiment, even if your comment is just a thumbs up or thumbs down. Thanks a bunch.


  1. Loved it darlin Empress. Two of my fave bloggers together.
    When am I going to coax you over to play at my place?

  2. I left my comment on Bruce's blog. Freakin' great!

  3. It was AWESOME! Congrats to you and to Bruce-amazing!

  4. Great collaboration! I had to come over to your blog and chck it out! New follower here. My blog is not nearly as cool, but stop by and say hi sometime!

  5. thanks for cuming over to play!
    rousing suck-cess!

  6. @Mynx: Glad you enjoyed it and must say I feel a bit flattered as you are known for your naughty writing.

    @Bouncin' Barb: Yay! Thanks for the kind words.

    @Jewels: Why thank you so much!!

    @Mamma: Thanks for the blog love. It always makes my day to discover new readers. I'll definitely stop by and say hi.

    @Oilfield Trash: Thank you. It is always nice to get a male perspective on things.

    @Bruce: I'm giggling with delight. I think they like our cooking ; )

  7. @Lemons Don't Make Lemonade: Who doesn't love ding dongs? ; )

    @Cinderita: Thanks my dear, or shall I say "Lola"?

  8. You both did a great job! Always fun to talk about sex. Unfortunately, my guess was WAY off yesterday.

  9. @Mrs. Hyde: Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the post. Your guesses were good by the way : )

  10. It was good. I can be a bit of a prude but it was an interesting discussion.

  11. Ohhhh snap! I'm only a click away! I'm headed there now! Woo hoo! I missed this! Checking out kick ass blogs on my day off! Can't get any better than that!!

  12. @becca: And be corrupted as well...

    @Runew: Glad you enjoyed it and that it wasn't too off color for your taste.

    @Copyboy: At the ding dongs in the photo above I hope ; )

    @Thundercat832: Hopefully this one should be right up your alley! xo

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