Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mining for gold – Volume 2

Despite the fact that many places on the face of planet earth are heavily populated and someone out there is always watching, it is rather astounding in this day and age to continuously witness gross and disgusting acts of human behavior.

Case in point, yesterday I had the misfortune to observe a neighbor person walking through an extremely public area with his thumb up his nose going to town like he was digging his way to China.

The guy must have rooted around inside his nasal cavity for a good 30 seconds or so before finally retrieving whatever the hell was stuck up in there.

Booger Boy then gave his nose nugget a careful inspection before finally deciding to ceremoniously roll it into a nice little ball and flick it oh so courteously onto the walkway ...… only for some unsuspecting and unfortunate person to later step on.

Effing Neanderthal! But at least he didn’t eat it like some of these nasty people that I just so happened to dig up from the video vault:

Have a happy and booger-free week my lovelies!
xo The Empress


  1. Its one thing to pick it...BUT TO FUCKING EAT IT!?! What the holy hell? That's some rank ass shit! lol I threw up in my mouth a little bit!

  2. I see this all the time while sitting at stoplights! lol It's rather disgusting. Do folks realize you can keep tissues in your car and BLOW your nose instead of DIGGING in it?

  3. Empress...I've had babies, grandbabies, surgeries, took care of sick husbands, sick fathers, cleaned up shit and piss and I can watch any surgery on TV in awe. The minute I see somebody picking their nose I'm queasy. This video made my stomach actually flip a few times. God that's so gross. I'd say thanks for it's more like no thanks!!! haha

  4. @Falen: Hopefully it wasn't dinner time in your part of the world when you were reading this hot mess ; )

    @J.Day: Some people are such nasty asses. Those car booger pickers are the worst. It is like they think they have an invisibility cloak on their vehicles. BARF!

    @Bouncin' Barb: Sorry to have grossed you out my dear. I think the Prime Minister at the end of the video was the worst acting all dignified after he chased his booger with a shot of espresso. YUCK!!

  5. holy f*ing sh(t that was gross and very funny at the same time!

    thanks for a sunday night LOL!

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  6. Ah the good ole miner of the nose. I see women doing that all the damn time while I am driving to work.

  7. Yah, I had to stop watching it, too. Eeeeuuuuuw! That's what tissues are for and they should know better. At least, the politicos. I guess they don't understand that the nose is meant to filter all the weird shit that can infect you. So, if you eat it, then you're just purposely making yourself sick... AND, I AGREE, IT'S GROSS! bletch! ptui! oh, gaw....

  8. You know what they say.. you can't pick your family, but unfortunately, you can pick your nose. Of course that doesn't mean you HAVE to.


  9. That is SO disgusting! It's one thing when my toddler nephew does it, but an adult? Ewwwww!

  10. @Bruce: You're welcome and I'm glad you appreciate my disgusting sense of humor ; -

    @Oilfield Trash: Ewww! I usually see guys doing the car nose picking thing. But women? Man, that is even worse!

    @SharleneT: The politicians should certainly know better as their actions are usually being recorded. Dum effwits!!

    @Simple Dude: Too right!

  11. I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. I get that sometimes a pick is needed but DO NOT EAT IT!!!! Oh my God that is disgusting! I couldn't look away but I wanted to SO bad. EWWWW

  12. Ewww... I was at the social security office many moons ago trying to get my social security card put in my married name and witnessed a guy digging in his ears with HIS CAR KEY. Then he wiped what he got out on his pants.
    People are included sometimes but don't tell anyone ;)

  13. Ewwy. I also hate the little kids that have to go around looking like a glazed donut because the adult in charge doesnt wipe thier noses for them. Also ewwwy

  14. ewww gross not sure which is worst nose picking or butt either way ewww

  15. I have never understood booger eating. Just can't wrap my brain around it. And really, I don't want too.

  16. It's nice to see people are so comfortable picking their noses in public. Our society has come a long way!

    Enjoyed the blog!

  17. @Jewels: Sorry my dear. It sometimes can get a little gross around here but it is meant all in good fun : )

    @Mynx: I'm with you. Snot-faced rug rats are a big no-no!

    @becca: Butt picking IS gross!

    @Danger Boy: Yes, let's just leave the booger eating for the uncivilized part of the food chain.

    @The Restaurant Manager: Thanks for stopping by and chiming in! It is rather shocking that people are so crass as to engage in vulgar behavior while in public.

    @Chief aka Dad: Me either! And Happy B-day to you!

  18. booger collecting/eating, ball scratching/adjusting/sniffing, ear wax cleaning... all things to be done in privy, but i see in public FAR more often than i should.

    the nose pickers especially seem to feel safe in their car, which, in case they hadn't noticed is basically a giant fishbowl, on account of ALL THE GD WINDOWS!!!!!

  19. Picking and flicking I can understand if you know it's in there and it's bothering you, but eating it is just nasty.

  20. I was going to watch the video....but I couldn't do it. I'm just going to take your word for it that it was gross.


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