Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Furries in the House!

Some of you might know that I am rather fascinated by bizarre human behavior and fancy myself a bit of an armchair psychologist here in the blogosphere. If said behavior is particularly odd or pervy then you know I’m going to put on my sleuth’s cap and go Sherlock Holmes all over that shit. It’s what I do. And that’s exactly what I did.

While investigating the incredibly strange and even downright freaky furry culture, I learned that anthropomorthics (furries) have special conventions like the upcoming Furries in Wonderland convention being held in Atlanta, Georgia in March 2011. Here our fur obsessed friends can dress up in their favorite furry costumes and participate in fursuit parades, competitions, tournaments and games.

Well, all of that sounded tame and innocent enough until I started perusing their convention policies and read the following:

"The furry community is known for its friendly hugging, scritching, and holding hands, all of which is entirely acceptable… if you feel the need to express deep, physical affection for another we ask that you kindly retire to your hotel room."

So yes, it is apparently true that furries DO engage in sexual activity (yiffing) while kitted out in their kooky little furry suits.

According to casual, monogamous, polygamous and self yiffing are all common. When furries get excited in their fuzzy nasty nether regions and opt for rubbing one out solo the activity is referred to as “pawing off” for males and “digiting” for females …I’m guessing we now know where the phrases f*cking like rabbits and fur munching come from

Happy Hump Day my lovelies!
xo The Empress


  1. I was in a fox suit day I'll grow the balls to tell you all about that me it was no bueno!!! lol

  2. They must have some strategically placed vents in those suits to do the rumpy pumpy while in them. Maybe they're specially made with convenient holes? I want to know. See what you did? You made me curious about something that will scar me for life if I find out!

  3. I actually know someone who is into that furry shit. I guess each to his own.

  4. They say that's what makes the world go round... hmmm. just hmmmm...

  5. @Falen aka Thundercat: Now that is one story I cannot wait to read about!!

    @The Vegetable Assassin: Word has it that the costumes do have strategically placed holes for doing the rumpty pumpty. Can you imagine the dry cleaning bills?

    @Oilfield Trash: Oooh, details please. I want to hear more ; 0

    @SharleneT: Indeed, and it makes for an endless supply of blog fodder.

    @Priscaknits: Thanks for asking about scritching. It involves scratching, petting and grooming other furries. Isn't that sweet?

  6. CSI- Los Vegas had an episode on a convention of these people.

  7. omg, their costumes must get really creepy and mangey after a while. yuck.
    i can't decide which is creepier, furries, or the people who dress up like babies, sleep in cribs and wear diapers. i mean... it's just... i...

  8. I've heard of this before and it's weird as heck. Is the one on the right Elton John?

  9. I don't get the attraction. Don't we wax, pluck and shave to get rid of excess hair because it isn't attractive? Why would adding fur make you horny? EWWWWWWW!

  10. god is just laughin his ass off at his meat puppets..

    great post
    Bruce Johnson JADIP
    Evil Twin
    stupid stuff I see and hear
    The Dreamodeling Guy
    The Guy Book
    The Guy Book

  11. @Kristy: I saw that and apparently some of the furry people took exception to the way they were portrayed.

    @Jess: You have a point there and just gave me a great research topic. Thanks!

    @David L Macaulay: Full on nutters is more like it! Ah, Poor Elton. Mistaken for a furry...

    @LottieSpartacus: One can only guess!

    @Bruce: Seriously. At this point what else can he do? Crazy f*ckers!

  12. i dont think ive ever been so scared in my life.

  13. I don't really know what to say to this.

    It's just so.... fucking weird.

  14. You know, there's kink and then there's WTF. I mean, I've been to gaming/sci-fi cons where there were girls in cat make-up and tight bodysuits, and thought "yeah, that's hot." I've seen artwork that made me happy that featured anthro-chicks. But furry mascot suits? Wouldn't that shit get nasty after a romp or two? I mean, gotta wash the sheets sometimes when it's a really rought do you wash your mascot suit?
    Well, as long as they aren't hurting anybody...I say let them yiff.

  15. "Furry" doesn't refer to a sexual fetish, as is commonly assumed. It simply refers to a group of people who enjoy art which depicts anthropomorphic animals; some (not all) also like to dress up, but fur suits are too expensive (about $2,000) for most. Some also yiff, but again, being a furry does not always entail a sexual fetish.

    The atmosphere at conventions is notoriously sexual, which explains the warning. But just like any other group of people, furries as a whole are not always deserving of the bad publicity they get. For my part I go to bed with one every night, and I can assure you we do not yiff or engage in group sex in hotel hallways.

    Just thought you'd like to know.

  16. There's a whole section devoted to these guys and their other incarnations on Encyclopedia Dramatica...they really are a species all their own. o.0

  17. Don't people also dress up as horse and rider and get their jollies off that way? I think I've seen that somewhere. Like TV, not first hand. Man, people are weird. Fucked up weird.

  18. @Jess: people who dress up like babies, sleep in cribs, and wear diapers. Saw THAT on CSI, too.
    Furries is a real close second, though.
    Yiffing, scritching, whatever...ewwww....methinks a lifetime supply of Febreeze is called for.

  19. I still laugh when I think about the Furrie scene in Entourage.

  20. You know, I didn't think what I 'read' was too bad because I know there are strange people out there but when I saw the video that was it. WEIRD!

  21. @Paige: Sorry to traumatize you my dear!

    @Ella: I concur with your assessment whole heartedly : )

    @Danger Boy: To each his own. Yiff yiff!!!!

    @Bagel Fairy: Thank you for being such a good sport and for taking the time to give us all a varying perspective on the furry culture. Hope we are still friend : )

    @Diabolical Me: So true. There was a fascinating video clip from the BBC that gave further insight. Unfortunatley I wasn't able to post because the link was disabled. I'll check out the site you recommended.

    @J.Day: HA! re: let's play pony. And yes, some people are beyond f*cked up.

    @Al Penwasser: Perhaps Febreeze will become a sponsor at the next local furry convention or at least hand out some free samples.

    @Copyboy: Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I will definitely have to try and find a video clip with the Entourage scene.

    @Bouncin' Barb: Readers seems to feel fairly similar about this sort of proclivity.

  22. Yeah I know a few people who are furrys. Sweet people but I don't see the appeal.

  23. Just for shits and giggles...I'd love to see a Barber's Convention at the same hotel, at the same time :-)

  24., I get (kinda) the furry suit, but why the hell would you want strangers pawing the hell out of you? Maybe it's just me, but I don't care what my kinks are, if I don't know your ass, I don't want you touching me.

    a bitch called mom

  25. hahaha wow oddballs


  26. right now. I am hiding in my closet wearing a tin foil hat and a spray bottle full of nair. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Is this the same group that does the " it's your turn in the bear suit" thing? I am only asking because I was at a restaurant and heard a couple arguing and apparently they both wanted to be in the freaking bear suit? I am not getting it. I don't shave my legs starting in the fall to grown my winter coat ( or maybe because I am lazy) but uhm furry? a Bear suit? wth?

  28. @The Adorkable Ditz: Do you have any interesting stories to tell? We'd love to read all about your fuzzy friends : )

    @Chief aka Dad: That would be awesome especially if the barbers all went around with a pair of dog hair clippers. Evil ...but fun!

    @Mrs. Hyde: I am with you. Furry mitts, non-furry mitts, keep ya damn hands off of me ; )

    @Blunders from 6 foot 2: Thanks for the blog love. You've made my day. Please come back again as there will be plenty more snark where this came from!

    @ThePeachy1: Photos please!

    @ThePittsofBeingPeachy: People never cease to amaze me when it comes to what gets them off!

  29. I'm sad to say that I've heard of these people before. There are even books (w/pix!) So, what if I wanted to dress up as a lizard or a fish? Could I go to a furries convention or would I have to go to a "scalies" convention?

    Why did the chicken cross the road? To go yiff with the fox!!!

  30. No problem, Empress. I just wanted to clarify for the people who had the strongest reactions. Honestly, when I went on my first date with my guy and he told me he and his friends were furries, I struggled to keep my face neutral and feared that moment would become one of those "bad date" stories I told my friends. But here we are, well over a year later, and him being a fur is the least of our problems. :-)

  31. In Scotland there is a certain erotic act known as 'growling at the badger'. Kinda puts a whole new perspective on things!

  32. @Lolamouse: I'm guessing you would have to go to a scalies convention. One can only guess what they would call 'yiffing'!

    @Bagel Fairy: That is a great story. I'm so happy for you!!

    @Sam: That is hilarious. Do you think you can draw us a diagram?

  33. Not all furries yiff in their fursuits! Some, if not most, are rather expensive and imagine washing something like that! And not all are involved sexually in the fandom! I, personally am a furry, but i am not involved in yiffing etc. I have a tail, some ears and feet paws (paws and ears home made) and i thoroughly enjoy walking about in them and expressing my inner husky. There are also therians which are like spiritual furries without the fursuits and cons etc. Also fyrries are so open and friendly that if you went up to one and gave them a hug, they'd probably return it.

    I'm only 14, but i LOVE furries!


    Sourse: im a husky fur


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