Friday, January 7, 2011

It’s Blog Pimping Time …and not just mine!

This week The Ranter’s Box crossed the 200 reader mark and I couldn’t possibly be any more chuffed about achieving that amazing milestone. And because I have been fortunate enough to have a few of my lovelies pimp out my snarky-ass blog, I feel that a huge batch of gratitude goes out to Mynx, Mrs. Hyde, Rabbit, A Southern Man and Simple Dude.

Thank you also to all of you dear readers who not only take the time to read the silly stuff that spews forth from my keyboard but also amuse me with your incredibly kind and entertaining comments. A word pervy, bitchy, ranting Empress couldn’t ask for better readers.

I also appreciate the ever encouraging proclamations that The Ranter’s Box will be named a Blog of Note by the blog gods over at Blogger. But since those gods are an incredibly fickle bunch, I’m not going to hold my breath on that wish coming true anytime soon. Perhaps it is now time to start taking matters into my own clever little hands.

The Eleventh Annual Weblog Awards, otherwise known as The 2011 Bloggies, is now accepting nominations for those blogs that you deem worthy of recognition. Nominations are being accepted until January 16, 2011. You can click on this link to nominate yourself and all your favorite fellow bloggers here. There are numerous categories and I would be forever grateful if you were to honor me with a nomination. (Take that you Blog of Note gods for having forsaken and deprived me of recognition!)

And while we are on the topic of blog pimping, I want to give a shout-out to some of the fantabulous and effingtastic blogs that never fail to bring laughter and joy into my day:

Bruce at stupid stuff i see and hear is without a doubt the King of Word Pervs! If you like your blog posts chock full of curse words and clever commentary, then Bruce is your man. And legend has it that his blog is banned in the UAE. Go Bruce!

Oilfield Trash over at Make Daddy a Sammich will amuse you with crazy stories about his life. Murphy’s Law plays a big part of the equation and you can’t help but cheer Oilfield on from the sidelines. Gotta love this guy!

Mrs. Hyde at A Bitch Called Mom is the blogosphere’s best kept secret. There is a very good reason why I awarded her with a ‘Your Blog is Bloody Brilliant’ award. Mrs. Hyde is full of witty sarcasm, tells hilarious stories and she is the kind of person you’d want to sit down with for a cup of coffee or a ginormous pitcher of cocktails. Two thumbs up all the way!

Dan over at From the head of The Danaconda is in a category all his own. The ladies love him and the guys admire him. He draws you in with his incredibly entertaining adventures and theories on life. Mix in heaping does of intelligent humor, sex talk and unbelievable reader comments and you are guaranteed to smile. I’m proud to call him my pervy friend!


If you aren’t already familiar, rush on over and check out these blogs. You will be so glad you did and no doubt find yourself laughing in no time.

Happy Weekend my lovelies!
xo The Empress


  1. Seriously cannot believe you have not been boned yet. It's an absolute travesty.


  2. You didn't include me? I'm gonna *cry!* lol. Just kidding. All these blogs are fab. Especially Dan. Adore him to bits. Such a gifted writer.

  3. YOU are sofa king awesome! I have no doubt that you will figure that out with all your clever word perviness. I'm going to nominate you for every award they will allow me to because anyone who doesn't LOVE you is sofa king stupid. You rock my fucking socks, honey! SOMEBODY had better BON the fuck outta you!

  4. A BONing in the cards... i know it is! Maybe now that I have somehow, someway joined the BON ranks I can sway the decision makers. We'll get it done.


  5. Ah thank you for the blog love. And the pimping.

    I need to do a blog pimping weekend post soon.

  6. Considering the absolute crap blogs since they were smart enough to BON Simple Dude, I have come to the conclusion that it is chosen by most days by a team of drunk champanzees tempted by a bucket of bananas. The exception being the day they chose SD of course. How can a blog devoted to photos of scooters possibly beat the brilliance of the Empress I have no idea.
    Thankyou for the blog loving gorgeous.
    I voted for you a few days ago

  7. @PM Taylor: Thanks my friend : )

    @Annah: No crying necessary for you girlie. A while back you were bestowed with my "Your Blog is Bloody Brilliant" award and I nominated you over at the 2011 Weblog awards because you are awesome!!

    @Mrs. Hyde: See what I mean? You never fail to make me smile. Thanks for your support. Hugs!

    @Simple Dude: I now proclaim thee "King of the Blog Pimps" and swayer of thy blog gawds. You rock!

    @Oilfield Trash: You are more than welcome. Did you really think I would put on my pimpette hat and not mention your blog? Well deserved!

    @Mynx: Thank you x 1000. I'm totally honored by your kind words. ...and I'm still laughing at the thought of those drunk chimpanzees ; )

  8. Now that sounds like a great list. Some I don't know and plan to check out. Your blog is really great to read for me too. Love it! Hugs.

  9. BTW...I think I went to school with that guy!

  10. Congrats on the 200+ well-deserved readers. I get close, then piss off the herd and I drop back down to 'normal.' Gotta love it!

    Thanks for the shout out also. Feels good to be in such good company.

    Much ♥!

  11. Empress...

    thanks you so much for the shout out you pimping f*er that you are!

    you will no doubt be BON'd, soon if there is any sense to anything in the BloggerGooggleBrother Universe...

    I was gonna write a blog about how f*d the bon blogs were, and then SD got BON, and it seemed they had pulled their heads outta their arses...

    i think the next day they had a blog about quilting, WTF?

    i follow four BON blogs...i have checked out 100's of bon blogs...most of em suck!

    we need blogs like yours (and SD) to change the Impropertude of BloggerNoting!

    IOB...i think i will pop that blog out after all!

    go get 'em Empress!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book
    Dreamodel Guy

  12. You make such a great pimp! hahaha. Loved the post. Can't believe you haven't been bon'd yet either!

  13. @Bouncin' Barb: I hope you like your blogs spicey because that is exactly what I'm recommending!

    @Rabbit: You are so welcome my friend. And, I nominated you for the 2011 Weblog Awards. There isn't a day that goes by where I am not in awe of your amazing artistic talent. xo

    @Bruce: Aw, you make me blush with all of your kind words.

    @becca: Pimping makes me HAPPY : )))))))

    @Jewels: I'm all about sharing the blog love!

  14. Love the Pimp...I need an outfit like short and fat :-)

  15. @Chief aka Dad: Ha! I think the photo came from a costume company. They can probably sort something out for you, and if they do, please post photos ; )

  16. Kudos to all the winners, go pimps! :D Came from Oilfield Trash's shout out. Following :D

  17. gave you an award

  18. @BlahCooCooBlah: Thanks for stopping by. It was makes my day to discover new readers!

    @becca: Thank you my dear : )


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