Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pretty Please Vote For Me!

Hello my lovelies. I mentioned during the last post that I have been invited to participate in The First Annual Thank, Q For Bloggers Tournament hosted by the man himself, Q, over at Thank Q, for Common Sense!

Well, the competition is now on like donkey kong and I have been pitted against Jersey Diva Mom. While I’m sure she is a lovely woman, this is my very first blogging competition and I want to go for the gold / whoop some bloggin’ booty.

All I need to do in order to win this round is have you click on this link here. The link will take you to Q’s blog site where my post on The Big O Times Two is up against Jersey Diva Mom’s favorite post.

There is a “Vote for Your Fave” box over on the upper/mid right hand side of his blog. Look for the box that says The Ranter’s Box and please vote for your favorite snarky empress. I will be much obliged, appreciative and eternally grateful.

xo The Empress


  1. @Oilfield Trash: Coolio!

    @J.Day: Thanks for the good luck wishes and the vote.

    @Jewels: Thank you kindly!

  2. I thought your blog entry was very good! I now do all of the laundry in my house and I hide the baskets. LOL!

    Good luck in the competition and thanks for joining!

  3. @Thank, Q: Thank you for inviting me to participate in your competition. This is going to be fun. ...Glad you enjoyed my blog submission!

  4. @The Restaurant Manager: Thanks for your vote and the good luck wishes : )

  5. Voted! You're gonna kick some bloggie butt in this thing.

    A blog bracketed tournament... what a great idea, I truly wish I had thought of that one!

    The Simple Dude

  6. Of course you're my fave. Done.

  7. I've been done this baby girl! You better win...or we'll be kidnapping Q! lmfao!

  8. Done & Done!! Good Luck :o)

  9. @The Simple Dude: Thanks for your vote. The race is tight at this point but I'd still love to win in a landslide : )

    @VinnyC: Thanks Vinny, very kind of you to say.

    @Thundercat832: Voted for you too. Thanks a bunch!

    @AbsolutelyPrimed: Yay! That's what I'm talking about!!

  10. Done darlin lady
    Kick butt. :)

  11. I'm behind in my reading but I voted just now. You win and I'm from Jersey!! Love your blog and sense of humor. Would love to hang out sometime and just laugh! Hugs!

  12. done i voted for you now where is my I voted sticker

  13. @T-cat, why do I have to get kidnapped? LOL! I'm unbiased! :)

  14. I voted for you. Could you register on my site now ( It's free. Pretty please!!

  15. @Bouncin' Barb: Thanks for taking time to vote. I know you have been a busy bee as of late. Hugs!

    @Jumble Mash: Thank you kindly!

    @becca: That is a great idea and I appreciate your vote.

    @Thank,Q: I think Falen is just showing her loyalty to this corner and with you being the tournament organizer... ; )

    @Copyboy: Thanks for your vote. I will make a point of registering at your site this week. And I appreciate the invite.


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