Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March Sex Survey Results and Best Comment Winners

Hello my lovelies. Last week we had a wonderful response to The Ranter’s Box Sex Survey. Thank you to all of you whom so bravely and candidly participated. The survey responses were incredibly amusing to say the least, so much so that I’ve gone ahead and done a recap of the results:

(***PLEASE NOTE: The following post is a fun and slightly pervy discussion about SEX. If you happen to find this particular topic offensive to your delicate sensibilities then perhaps you should stop back by tomorrow or go find yourself a sweet little blog on the joys of quilting in the 20th century.***)

On a scale of one to ten, when it comes to how high our brothers and sisters in the blogosphere fly their freak flags, most commenters tend to fly their flags at an 8 or 9. One participant proudly proclaimed their flag is at the top of the pole while another stated that their flag is so high they can’t see it. On the lower end of the scale, a couple participants fly their flags at a 5.

When it comes to what they consider to be their best bedroom skills, the majority of the men as well as the ladies said they are really great at going down south (giving head, beaver munching, etc.), with one woman stating that she “gives the best blow job known to man”. Other special bedroom skills included being on top and using one’s magic fingers.

As for whether or not woman REALLY enjoy giving blow jobs, most of the guy respondents felt like woman don’t actually enjoy knob slobbing and if they engage in doing so it is mainly to please their partner. By contrast several of the ladies responded that they love salami slurping, with one woman proclaiming that giving blow jobs gets her oven going. However, just as many female commenters said that giving head was something they do purely for the benefit of their man. …Sorry guys…

When it comes to the maximum number of partners a survey participant has had during one sex session, quite a few commenters stated they have had only one partner. However, one guy admitted that only having one partner wasn’t for lack of him trying to have more. On the more adventurous end of the scale, there was a three-way tie for having the most sexual partners at any one given time: FOUR (4)!

And finally, when it comes to fetishes, the responses by survey participants ranged across the board from slightly rough play to soft biting, light bondage, or filthy pillow talk. Some commenters admitted to liking feet, sex toys, leather clothing, handcuffs, anal, bondage, boobs, and big dicks. Others like being voyeuristic, doing things with baby oil, or engaging in group sex. One guy even likes drawing large stick boobs. Whereas one woman loves doing it doggy style while getting her hair pulled, her ass slapped and being talked to really dirty. …You go girl!..


Tony Van Helsing over at Tony Van Helsing’s Mystery Theatre


Deus Ex Machina over at Goddess in the Machine

Congratulations to them both! Please stop by their blogs and say hello. Alternatively you could also ask them to further clarify about elbow sex or things that the husband has a hard time complying with…

Happy Hump Day!
xo The Empress

PS: Tomorrow voting closes over at the Thank Q for Common Sense Blogging Tournament. If you haven’t yet cast your vote for The Ranter’s Box please do so because that mommy blogger is proving to be stiff competition. And to those of you that have already voted, THANK YOU!!


  1. Good results. I liked this post (as well as the last one).

  2. that is awesome! btw, you don't have to be anonymous, I will proudly admit that i'm the one that loves that last bit on fetishes!

    AmberLaShell Rants
    AmberLaShell's Naughty Nights

  3. @Oilfield Trash: Glad you enjoyed it and apologies that it has taken me so long to write a proper post again. Very busy with an all consuming work thing but I can't let my lovelies down for too long : )

  4. @AmberLaShell: I was just being careful by not signaling anyone out in actual post. No doubt the curious will go back and look at the comments on the actual survey and there you will be in all your glory!

  5. Great post and i like how you compiled the results in a nutshell. Thanks. Yes I fly my flag! haha.

  6. I am happy to be one of the boring ones.
    Survey was fun. Lets do it again sometime

  7. That was a fun survey. I like how you compiled most of it into this blog. Always fun!

  8. completely comprehensive and absolutely amazing!

    as usual...

    i will have to drop by and see tony and what Dues Ex Machina, (a goddess) has to say...

  9. Ya know, I saw this post last night. I left to go make sure I voted (which I had already done) and to read the original sex survey post. Then I forgot to come back here. Ha! Oh well.. That's what happens when I try to catch up on some reading material after a few cocktails. ;)

  10. Thank you, thank you. I'd just like to thank (pulls out log list of names and starts crying).
    Sincerely, thanks for the pimp. Some of the responses you had were brilliantly honest, I was just messing about. Stick boobs, classic.

  11. wha, only 4 partners at a time? wish i'd seen this survey sooner, because i could have blown that out of the water with 8 (at least) lovers at a time...

  12. @Bouncin' Barb: Fly it high girl, fly it high!

    @Mynx: Glad you enjoyed the fun. We will definitely do it again.

    @Bruce: Thanks for your kind words. I haven't forgotten about our blogging collaboration. Very busy this week but will connect with you soon so we can get the ball rolling.

    @Krissy: Thank you for voting. Hope you enjoyed those cocktails.

    @Tony Van Helsing: Congrats & you are most welcome. Messing about is good and we can credit VinnyC with the stick boobs comment.

    @Satan: Thanks for stopping by and chiming in. Wow, 8 partners during one session? Cool ; )

  13. Well, slap my ass and call me a freak why doncha? I can't believe I'm in the group with the most sexual partners. Hanging my slutty little whoring head in shame now.....

    I actually gotten dumped once for being too aggressive in the bedroom. You'd think I'd learn my lesson.

  14. @Deus Ex Machina: Congrats. No need for shame. Own it sister!

  15. Damn wisdom teeth!! I missed the survey!! You got my vote! You fuckin rock!

  16. Good news on the tourney! I think I have three more votes for you!!! You so gotta win!!

  17. i love this post and you always keep entertained plus i always seem to learn something new maybe you should hold a sex ed xlass in the future. hugs

  18. Is it a federal offense to drop your freak flag on the ground, like it is with a regular flag?

    I think I may have even MISPLACED my flag.

    Dear gawd, I am 30 going on 96...



  19. @Laynee: Thanks so much for the vote and the kind words. Don't worry there will be more surveys in the future. Hope you heal soon from the surgery.

    @Thundercat832: You are awesome. How about if I appoint you general of the army? I really appreciate your support with the tournament.

    @becca: Glad you enjoyed the post. Great idea about holding a sex ed class, although I think I learn just as much from other bloggers as I share in my posts.

    @StephanieC: Shall we issue you a new flag?

  20. I see a sea of freak flags a-blowin' in the wind! Psst...I voted for you six times. I don't know if that's cheating, but I don't really care! Empress forever!

  21. @Mrs. Hyde: All hail to the flying of the freak flags! And thank you so much for all of your support in this round of the blog tournament. xo

  22. If you happen to find this particular topic offensive to your delicate sensibilities then perhaps you should stop back by tomorrow or go find yourself a sweet little blog on the joys of quilting in the 20th century.
    I feel violated, after taking your advice and going in search of the joys of quilting…

    Well, I for one have never witnessed such levels of perversion and depravity…

    All that in and out motion of the needle, combined with frankly disturbing and unnecessary shots of beds.

    Not content with Hand quilting they even go for Machine quilting - none of your battery operated rabbits her, we are talking full on plugged into the wall industrial none stop quilting, with entire families, in one case five generation, taking part…Quite frankly I feel physically sick at this level of brazen incest….

    In fact I was so shocked I had to bookmark a number of these sites as a reminder of the depths of depravity that mankind can fall

    Now excuse me I’m off for cold shower…

  23. @BlackLOG: Thanks for stopping by and chiming in. I always enjoy discovering new readers. As for those quilting blogs, not sure what I can say except that if you find them offensive then I'm not too sure what you will think about this snarky blog ; )

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