Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jackass fore play and other mayhem

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, no doubt you are aware that bad drivers absolutely chap my ass and get on my very last royal nerve. Oddly enough, and as long as no one gets hurt, I seem to get giddy as a school girl whenever I witness outlandish driving mishaps. Think Ace Ventura Pet Detective driving a jeep through the jungle OR this:

And yes, I nearly pissed myself when watching the abuse that was hurled upon that poor polar bear!

Happy Hump Day my lovelies and be safe when driving out there!
xo The Empress

PS: We had such a great response to our pervy little Sex Survey last year that I’m wondering if we should do another. Your thoughts?


  1. HAHAHAHA!! That poor bear! Hilarious!

  2. The revenge of the Pig! Guess he's a good buddy of Mr. Polar Bear and decided to level the playing field - or in this case create a huge pork roll crash!

    You crack me up - I can always count on you to spice up my day!

    Cyber High Fives,

  3. @J.Day: He really took a beating didn't he?

    @Pearson Report: Ooh! I love me some cyber high fives! The best of the video really was when porky got revenge ; )

  4. Was it just me or did that pig in the suit have a really evil face?

  5. lol..that was to funny made me choke on my coffee from laughing well done hugs

  6. I actually speechless (only because I'm still laughing).

  7. That golf cart scene is one of their best. The rent a car destruction derby is not too bad either.

  8. nice...

    stupid shit is funnier when it happens to someone else...

  9. Too funny! Is the prize really sex on that survey? Count me in!

  10. I laugh every time I watch that vid. Freaking awesome!

  11. hahaha. I am not even a little ashamed to say I own Jackass 1&2...I love stupid humor like that.

    That being said I've met those guys (they live in my area) and they are serious tools!

  12. I think bruce said it best: stupid shit is hilarious when it happens to someone else and I can just sit and laugh. ^_^

  13. Where do I sign up for the golf cart? That looked like sooooo much fun!

  14. Sounds like you might also like roller derby. Or school bus races. :-)

  15. @Tony Van Helsing: Porky definitely had the evil grin working.

    @becca: Apologies for making you choke but as long as you enjoyed it : )

    @Vinny C: I will take that as a high compliment.

    @Oilfield Trash: Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check out the smash-em-up-derby clip.

    @Bruce: Isn't that the truth. I always tell them that I'm laughing with them ; )

    @SharleneT: Well, the survey will be on the topic of SEX but if you want to make up your own prizes that is certainly fine by me! : )

    @Laynee: Awesome is GOOD!

    @Jewels: That is funny. Tool heads engaging in jackassery!

    @Katsidhe: I second that thought!

    @Chief aka Dad: If your down for it, count me in too. Word has it that I drive a mean golf cart.

    @On My Soapbox: Mainly just crazy driving mishaps. I'm not really sure why but I usually end up laughing hysterically at bad driving escapades.


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