Monday, March 21, 2011


If you are just catching up, I have been invited to participate in The First Annual Thank, Q For Bloggers Tournament hosted by the man himself, Q, over at Thank Q, for Common Sense!

This competition is a March Madness style blogging competition whereby I am currently pitted in the first round against Jersey Diva Mom. She has been chomping at my heals ever since our round went live yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately late today she finally overtook me in the number of votes that have been received. Now I’m all the more eager to kick some blog arse!

It’s definitely time to call in the The Ranter’s Box Army, meaning all of you lovely readers. If you would please show some love and support by clicking on this tournament link and voting for my blog post as your favorite, I shall be incredibly appreciative.

And to all of you that have already cast your votes, here is a ginormous bloggy hug!

Thanks my lovelies,
xo The Empress

Latest Tournament Update: The competition is really trying to bring it. As of midnight she is still one vote ahead. Please help me show her who is boss ; )


  1. I already voted. Can I vote again??

  2. @Oilfield Trash: Thanks Oily. I think the tournament site can tell if you try and vote again from the same computer ...but if you can get access to other computers well then knock your socks off ...which in turn will blow my dress up! ; )

  3. Oh I think I just tied the vote there, Empress. :)

  4. @The Vegetable Assassin: Woo hoo! Thanks for your vote.

    @TheHarvester: Thank you for the blog love and for showing your support by vote. It always makes my day to discover new readers!

  5. I did, I did!!!! You win in my book anyway.

  6. ssshhh, dont tell anyone but it accepted another vote from me hehehe. I evened things up again Empress.

  7. I voted for you, honey! Sorry, I'm late. I also shared your link with my FB friends. I have three computers in this house...That's all I'm saying. Love ya!

  8. I'ma find away to get these votes for you if I gotta flash my tits at the local bar to do it!!

  9. Hey I hope my vote counted, BTE...still want you to sign up on my site @ And yes, I'm embarrassed to talk about sex.

  10. voted for you... 55 to 52... close fight..!

  11. I have voted but now feel strangely dirty after reading your entry. I thought it was spin dryers that got women off, not laundry baskets.

  12. I voted for you it had you at 51% out of 109 votes good luck. I hope you kick booooty.

  13. BTW...made you blog of the day. Hope it gets you more votes.

  14. @Bouncin' Barb: Thanks, I'll take all the votes and support I can get.

    @Mynx: Tee hee is right. Wonder if it will do it again? ; )

    @becca: Thanks sweetie. She is proving to be a tough opponent.

    @Mrs. Hyde: Now that is what I'm talking about. I should have known that I could count on you to round up the troops. Love right back at you!

    @Thundercat: You are hilarious! But to tell you the truth I was starting to wonder if perhaps I would have to show my boobies to get votes. I'm having to chase that NJ blog mom off with a stick. She just keeps coming back with more votes.

    @Copyboy: You embarrassed to talk about sex. Who knew? ...And yes, as soon as I have a free moment from this crazy work project I will sign up for your site. This week for sure!

    @Bowser: Thanks so much for stopping by and for voting. I really appreciate it.

    @Tony Van Helsing: Thank you for voting! Don't worry I doubt that laundry baskets are a common sex aid. The woman in question seems to be an odd bird, just consider what she doesn't enjoy.

    @Runew: Thanks for your vote and wishes of good luck.

    @Copyboy: Woo hoo! Although I haven't had time to eat a proper meal all day or night or do anything other than work non-stop, I am so glad I stopped for a quick break. You just made my day!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for making me your blog of the day. You rock!

    @Thank, Q: Our Falen is always good for a laugh isn't she?

  15. @linnykins: Thanks my dear. Your vote is greatly appreciated!

  16. I'm still catching up on my Roll, but luckily I didn't miss the chance to vote. Done and done, love. You're up 2 now.~


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