Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming

Most of the time it is all fun and games here at The Ranter’s Box but today it is important to switch things up a bit. Yesterday afternoon a major earthquake devastated my adopted hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand.

This is the second serious earthquake to strike Christchurch since a 7.1 magnitude quake hit back in early September 2010. Being that the latest quake struck mid-day with the epicenter a mere three miles from the center of the city, this trembler proved to be deadly.

While I am personally safe and currently living half way around the world, many of my dear Cantabrian friends have personally been impacted by this tragic event. Homes, businesses and lives have sadly been lost. Please join me in sending your positive thoughts and prayers to all the victims and their loved ones.

xo The Empress


  1. That is so sad! If you post up a donate button I will gladly send some funds to help out and even spread the word to help out too!

  2. @Thundercat832: Thanks Falen. That is very kind and generous of you. Being a technotard I'm not up on the whole button thingy. However, if I hear of a good way for people to help out I will certainly let everyone know. xo

  3. May the good Lord be with all the people affected by this disaster

  4. @Oilfield Trash: Thanks my friend.

    @Mthoko: I truly appreciate your kind sentiments.

  5. So tragic....I pray for the well-being of everyone affected.

  6. Yeah, I heard about it this morning. What a terrible, terrible tragedy. Thoughts and prayers to New Zealand.

  7. It's such a sad and devastating thing to see on the news but when you know people who personally have loved ones affected, it becomes very heartfelt. Sending thoughts and prayers!!

  8. They have my thoughts & prayers as well.

  9. Thoughts and prayers my friend coming your way. Aussies all are thinking of you Kiwis. Absolutely devastating

  10. @kmcaffee: The people of Christchurch will no doubt appreciate your prayers.

    @Al Penwasser: Thank you.

    @Bouncin' Barb: Thanks for your support.

    @Vinny C: Much appreciated.

    @Chief aka Dad: Ta (or thanks as we say in those parts).

    @Mynx: Thanks for your kind words Mynx.

  11. I knew you would be freaking out! I hope all your friends are ok!!!
    Been dealing with my own hysteria, so just checked in today and am sorry about this...!

  12. sorry to laugh, but Christchurch is a city name? What great marketing for church if ive ever seen..

    Poetry <3

  13. My sister-in-law lives on the North Island, and the whole country is going through massive loss. Thank you for your post <3

    hed hed above water

  14. I am so, so sorry! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the earthquake. I remember visiting New Zealand when I was little--one of the best times of my life.

    Thank you for your comment on my guest blog (over on Cinderita's blog). I really, really appreciated your words. :) I will be happily following you!!

  15. Oh no! That's so sad! I'll send as many positive vibes as I can possibly spare in the direction of New Zealandites. Best Wishes to all of you!

  16. Thoughts and Prayers to all yours out there in New Zealand.

    I'm adding them to the prayers I'm saying for two girlfriends travelling in that area.

    I'm anxious to hear from them, but they haven't replied to my emails...so I'm just praying that all is okay.


  17. that's so sad my prayers are with them all

  18. I can't imagine the pain many of these people will be going through. My sympathy and hope seem insignificant in comparison but I offer them anyway.

  19. @G: I'm devastated. This is horrific. People are dead. Homes, neighborhoods, businesses, iconic landmarks, beautiful buildings have all been lost.

    @Poetry of the Day: You are lucky I even published your comment. I'll be dealing with you and your insensitivity seperately.

    @Bruce: Thanks for your support my friend.

    @hed: You are welcome. My thoughts are with your family and the rest of the kiwi's.

    @The Frisky Virgin: Thank you for your kind words about NZ. They can use all the love, support and positive messages we can send their way. And thank you so much for the blog love.

    @Candice: Thank you kindly my dear.

    @Pearson Report: You well wishes are most appreciated Jenny and I pray that your friends are safe and well.

    @becca: Your prayers are most appreciated.

    @Tony Van Helsing: Thank you so much for your kind words and lovely sentiments.

  20. Omg that is the same shit head who has been running around fucking with people TO GET BLOG HITS AND TRAFFIC! Don't fall for that shit! Just ignore "Poetry of the Day". We did research on that shit head! IT'S NOT A SHE, ITS A HE WITH MULTIPLE BLOGS BEING A DICK FOR HITS!

  21. I will definitely remember them in prayers.

  22. @Thundercat832: Thanks for confirming what I suspected. Now how do we go about taking this mofo down?

    @Runew: Your kind words are deeply appreciated.


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