Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feline Felonies: Klepto Edition

Over the years I have heard some pretty amazing tales about the various sorts of ingenious presents that house cats decide to bring home in the middle of the night. While mice and insects seem to be fairly typical, one friend’s cat somehow managed to drag an entire seagull in through the cat door and deposit it smack in the middle of the kitchen for mummy and daddy to find the next morning at breakfast.

But nothing has come close to what I recently discovered on this video:

Talk about a naught pussy…

Have a fantabulously effingtastic week my lovelies!
xo The Empress


  1. This is just toooo funny. I had a cat that would dismeber sea gulls in the living room, which was ncie.

  2. @David L. Macaulay: OMG. Your cat's antics totally trump that of my friend. That is gross!!

  3. I do love a great post about a naughty pussy.

  4. @Oilfield Trash: Tee hee! Why does that NOT surpise me Oily? ; )

  5. I would soooo love to have that cat. How cool would that be?

  6. you can't trust cats.

    but this is ridiculous, i am not a cat hater, but i am definitely a dog person. if that cat were in my neighborhood there would be a lot less dogsh*t in my yard and a little bit more in theirs.

    i hate that cat owners feel it is ok to let their little evilsatanspawn out unfettered.

    i have seen more than one FreeRangeCat ending up as a GutterMmop.

    poor kitty, but shame on those owners...

    and don't get me started on the ferrel cat issue... im done...sorry just struck a nerve...
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  7. I'm with you Bruce! Lock the cat up at night! What the heck?

  8. @Middle Child: Well, that cat has certainly garnered 15 minutes of fame for its owners.

    @Bruce: You can't trust THIS cat, that is for sure. Kind of makes me wonder what the most pervy thing he has stolen ...and if the rightful owners came calling to retrieve the item(s) in question... ; )

    @The Restaurant Manager: I have to agree that animals out roaming around the streets/neighborhood is never a good idea.

  9. Holy Crap. That is some story. Cats are sneaky and you all know I am letting one in at night now but if anything goes missing just once.......

    Have a great friggen' week yourself Empress. Hugs.

  10. What got me is that he went back for the other shoe & the other half of the bikini. This creature is a bit too smart, if you ask me.

  11. Bad kitty! Fun kitty! haha. BTW...if you're interested I'd love for you to join my blog community at

  12. Better get the kitty handcuffs LOL. I'm more impressed the cat can move all this stuff with his mouth. I just love how innocent a cat can look (though they're usually guilty)

  13. That's one pretty sneaky kitty, but it's true, while it's amusing and Animal-Planet worthy, why AREN'T THESE PEOPLE keeping him indoors at night?

    I know some people feel cats need outside time, but not only has he repeatedly proven himself to be a thief, he is at risk to be roadkill, or pick up nasty health stuff.

    I support indoor kitties. I hope he is neutered.

    Finally, lol at getting BOTH shoes. He still gets my mad props for that.

  14. new meaning to cat buglar

  15. Man... I wish I could train my cat to steal underwear... I can barely sleep without wearing a pair of soiled panties on my face.

  16. That pussy wouldn't make it in the ghetto! lmfao I loved this video! I couldn't stop laughing!!

  17. I bet nobody's claiming those tighty whities!

  18. Thanks for your thoughts about the earthquake! It has been a rough few days but we're a strong bunch, I'm sure it'll be okay.

  19. @Bouncin' Barb: Doubly holy major crap batman! ..Hugs to you too my friend : )

    @Vinny C: Makes me kind of wonder how his kleptomania originated.

    @Jumble Mash: Thanks!!

    @Copyboy: Isn't it interesting how bad and fun often go together?

    @lxdoor: Thanks for stopping by and chiming in. This kitty certainly doesn't look innocent. He is on a full-on mission!

    @Stephanie C: I'm with you. Pets should be kept inside where they are safe ...and in this case, where they can't go on nightly crime spree.

    @becca: My thoughts exactly!

    @Chief aka Dad: Surely he has pinched one of those by now...

    @Charles: You continue to out do yourself in the comment department ; )

    @Thundercat832: Glad you enjoyed it and I'll try to pass on the word that kitty needs to stay in his own hood if he knows whats good for him ; )

    @Mrs. Hyde: I wonder if they were clean?

    @linnykins: You are so welcome. I will continue to say prayers for everyone back in NZ that has been impacted by the earthquake. xo

  20. Naughty cat! Great video!

    My lovely catty put a dead bird INSIDE my pillow case for me!


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