Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don’t even think about dissing Christchurch

Hello my lovelies. When I bring out the nasty ole’ hater graphic you know it’s time for me to go all verbal kung fu on someone’s stupid and insensitive ass.

Yesterday I sadly reported that my adopted hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand was tragically hit by a devastating earthquake. Many of you kindly left beautiful comments that showed your love and support for the victims of this horrific disaster. Each of those comments was deeply appreciated.

Sitting here half-way around the world, I have been feeling rather helpless. My intention was to pass your comments along to my kiwi mates back in Christchurch so that they would know the world is praying for them during this time of tragedy and loss. I felt like this was the least that I could do.

Then I happened to read the following comment by some shit-for-brains fucktard:

"sorry to laugh, but Christchurch is a city name? What great marketing for church if ive ever seen.."

Now call me just a tad bit touchy and emotional right now, but WTF? After reading my post and viewing the accompanying video about the Christchurch earthquake, how could someone even be in the frame of mind to be laughing?

It is beyond disgusting that some asshole happens to think now is a good time to poke fun at this amazing city that has all but been destroyed in the worst natural disaster in its entire history.

Countless people have lost their lives and the death toll continues to rise. People that I know and love have lost their homes and businesses. Iconic landmarks and beautiful buildings have been destroyed. The city center is in ruins. Entire neighborhoods are flooded and certain to be lost. A place that I love with all of my heart has been forever changed.

So, to the sick and twisted sociopath that brought disrespect and hate to my blog:

You are no longer welcome here at The Ranter’s Box. Your behavior is beyond repugnant and will not be tolerated. There have been reports that you have left hateful comments on the blog sites of some of my friends. Please know with absolute certainty that no one messes with me, my bloggy family, my loved ones, and definitely not Christchurch without facing my wrath. You are in dire need of psychiatric help and should be ashamed of yourself. If you ever show your disgusting face around this blog again know without a doubt that I WILL FUCK YOU UP!

The Empress


  1. I'm appalled that someone would even dream of something so insensitive yet I am not surprised. There will always be assholes in the world no matter how much we hope it's not possible. I'm sorry for anyone who has personal history with this city and it's devastation. Good for you Empress!!! Kick Ass!

  2. people are *SO* dumb. also? TACTLESS. even if he/she DID think that (however stupid an opinion it is, i guess technically he/she is entitled to it), NOW IS NOT THE GODDAMN TIME TO BE SNARKY.

  3. @Bouncin' Barb: Thanks for your support. Christchurch needs love right now, not someone arsehole named Poetry of the Day making fun of the name of their city and churches.

    @Jess: Amen sister! She should have just kept her trap closed and not said anything rather than to admit laughing during a time of tragedy. She apparently goes around writing even more hateful comments on other blogs that have since banned her. Some people are so sick!

  4. Some people just have no class. Wait I have no class. Some people are asshats, yea that is it. Some people are asshats.

  5. Maybe you should take her blogger picture and deface it with donkey porn and then display it here....

    Or at least make light of the fact that one cannot easily discern by looking at her whether or not she is a she or a he.....

    That would be fun. Hope all is well for u and yours, btw.


  6. What a nasty thing that slime posted. It wasn't remotely funny. They must be an unhappy person to spread their crap to others. Jerk.

  7. That is an absolutely asinine comment. Thankfully that ass clown has not stopped by my blog - at least not that I remember. If they do their comments will be deleted post haste.


  8. @Oilfield Trash: You definitely have class Oily. And yes, that person is a major asshat!

    @Charles: Thanks for your support. She/he (whatever the eff it is) definitely deserves to have a special portrait created in her honor. I just might have to get on to that.

    @On My Soapbox: Too right matey!

    @Simple Dude: Thanks for stopping by. Yes, that comment completely takes the prize for ass clownery, so much so that for the first time on this blog I actually wrote the real "EFF" word.

  9. Oh,..I just looked at your last post. I had heard about the quake and the devastation. My prayers go out to you and yours.
    Your Hater? She/He has been around the blog world. It's been given names and has hit many of our blogs. What an idiot he/she is.
    Again,..God Bless.

  10. @middle child: Thanks for your kind words regarding all the kiwi's that are victims to the Christchurch earthquake. Your support is greatly appreciated. ...As for the hater, I concur with your assessment that she is an idiot!

  11. Some people just make it their mission in life to be cruel. Fortunately, Karma is a boomerang, what goes out, comes back ten fold. Just hope you are around to see it.

  12. What an insensitive asshat. That's pretty sad that amidst all of this destruction and loss of lives that is the first thing that comes to mind, and then to share such a prat thought is pure assholery.

    I'm sorry, Empress, that you had to deal with that person's rude behavior as well as seeing a place and people you love suffering. Thoughts and prayers are with you, love.

  13. what an absolute dick and let me guess it came posted under the ever popular title of Anonymous because hell they don't actually have the nerve to show their name. so sorry though i know you handled it well. hugs

  14. Though my sentiments are belated, please know that my thoughts do go out to your loved ones. I can't even imagine what it would be like to see that happen in my hometown, with everything I knew being demolished or damaged.

    As for the, I guess I don't have anything else to add about the troll. Like other people said, there's a time and place for jokes, and that wasn't one of them.

  15. Begone Douchemuppet!!!
    I don't know about you, but I feel better now.
    Heart goes out to you, and all those in Christchurch, Empress.

  16. People can be such trolls! My thoughts and prayers too go out to the victims.

  17. I'm gonna take a loot at who said that shit and send their ass a virus to shut down their fucking computer!

    People like that have never been through any kind of hardship and mock the hardships of others! I don't play that shit....


  18. I am wishing you & your family and everyone in Christchurch the best Empress.

    As to the fucktard, who left the ignorant comment... May their crotch be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels and may their arms be too short to scratch!

  19. Yeah Tact makes the world go round, though weather tact is applicable within the internet is often raised to question.....

    Following with Supports!!!

    Pieces of Karp: Hot off the Doom Press!!! Electron microscopic pathogen!!

  20. It is not cool to laugh in the face of such tragedy.

  21. @lyndylou: So true. Hope that horrible person realizes this.

    @Katsidhe: Your kind words are deeply appreciated.

    @becca: This time the person identified themselves. The comment came under the name "Poetry of the Day". Word has it this person uses many fake names to go around the blogosphere and spread hate. Very sad.

    @Bagel Fairy: Thank you for your kind sentiments.

    @Danger Boy: Merci my friend. And the name douche muppet made me laugh by the way.

    @Copy Boy: Thanks a bunch for your well wishes.

    @Thunderca832: I truly appreciate that you came in here fists swinging. That asshat better realize pretty quickly that our bloggy family looks after and protects one another. Hugs!

    @AbsolutelyPrimed: Thank you for your kind words for the people of Christchurch. And your wishes for the jerkwad are appreciated as well.

    @Panache: Thanks so much for the blog love. Discovering new readers always makes my day. I truly appreciate your support for the victims of the earthquake.

    @Mynx: Thank you my dear.

    @Runew: My thoughts exactly!

  22. Go get 'em, Empress! You need back up, I can swing a bat pretty hard...I'll take 'em out for you. Don't you worry about that! THE BEAT-DOWN SHALL COMMENCE!!!

  23. As you and I know personally, assholes never take a day off. Unfortunately. I am sending powerful thoughts and vibes of healing and strength to you and your friends/loved ones.

  24. @Candice: Thanks my dear! I'm smiling envisioning you and I going postal on that jerk!

    @Mrs. Hyde: Your kind and heartfelt words are deeply appreciated. Big hugs!

  25. That was really insensitive of the commenter.

    My thoughts are with you!

  26. @Lemons Don't Make Lemonade: Thanks for your support and kind words.

  27. Total idios, but it always surprises me how stupid people can be at any time.

  28. @Chief aka Dad: My thoughts exactly!

    @Madame DeFarge: This one pretty much takes the douche cake.

  29. It's sad that people make fun of tragedies at the worst time. Most likely someone said something about Hurricane Katrina. It's just the world we live in. Not that I support it of course. To poke fun at a name while a city is devastated by a hurricane is horrible. My heart goes out to Christchurch.


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