Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Talk about being a good sport

The other day I was doing some all-important and very necessary blog research for you my lovelies when I came across a recent episode of Thintervention by fitness guru Jackie Warner. Yeah, yeah it seems like yet another been-there-done-that stupid reality weight loss show, and for the most part it is. There is the typical petty bickering amongst cast mates, crazy work out routines and those par for the course weigh-ins at the end of each show. Throw in a former Real Housewives of the OC cast member and you have yourself guaranteed tears and drama. Blah, blah, blah…

So anyhow, on this particularly sexy and scintillating episode Jackie decided that she would mix things up a bit and have the participants learn a Pussycat Dolls routine for their group workout. Being that most of the cast members are women, the workout was most likely a welcome reprieve from weights, rowing or whatever testosterone laden physical stuff they normally have to endure. For the two guys on the show, having to learn a burlesque style dance and then compete in a group dance-off, was probably not so welcome.

One of the guys, the oh-so-funny Brian T. Donovan, decided he would be a good sport and make the most of the situation. And let me tell you girlfriend, Brian totally rocked his inner diva:

Thintervention with Jackie Warner - Videos - Dance Off | Bravo TV Official Site

(Sorry about the stupid commercial guys I wasn’t able to edit it out)

After watching that hilarious spectacle courtesy of Brian, doesn’t it make you want to get up shake your ass and get your freak on?

Have a fantabulous day, night or whatever my lovelies!

xo The Empress


  1. That is funny, I love it when straight guys do stuff like that. great post!

    check out my blog @ amberlashell.com

  2. @AmberLaShell: Thanks my dear. Brian is funny however he is married to a lovely guy named Miguel (I think that's his name).

  3. Like I need an ass-shaking excuse. psshhhaw.


  4. @Simple Dude: Yeah, I kind of figured you'd just move straight on to the whole 'get your freak on' thing! ; )

  5. Damn, can't watch it from Canada.

    Burlesque is hard stuff. I tried pole-fit once and it was fun but also sooo difficult!

    I should blog about it and tell all my FB friends I am an ex-pole dancer. Brilliant! Or maybe not...

  6. @StephanieC: Well that is no good. I didn't realize the internet had borders. You should definitely blog about pole dancing!

  7. Too funny!! I love guys with a sense of humor and don't care what others think of them. Makes for much fun!!

  8. i love when guys go out and have fun..this was to cute

  9. Makes me want to shake something. Probably my head in disbelief.

  10. @becca: He certainly made the most of the opportunity he had didn't he?

    @Madame DeFarge: Silly boy isn't he?

  11. lmfao1 *pissed pants* I get a kick out of when men are so comfortable with their sexuality that they do shit like this! lol Like when men wear thongs (with lace) I love it lol

  12. @Falen: Brian is one crazy hot mess isn't he?! Glad you enjoyed his little sexy show!


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