Wednesday, November 10, 2010


As a follow up to my recent and highly inappropriate summary of the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior’s major scientific sex study I thought it would be fun to conduct our very own bloggerific sex survey.

First off, the NSSHB’s sex study was strictly American-based, and here in the blogosphere we have readers that come from various parts of the globe. Our version will aim to garner a more balanced worldly view on sexual behavior.

Second, while their study was extremely comprehensive, it was also entirely too clinical and sanitized. Our survey will dig a bit deeper and aim to be far more colorful and spicy.

Third, their study was primarily focused on five sexual activities and whether or not participants had engaged in said activities in the past 365 days. Our version will be more focused on the sexy juicy details.

There are really no hard and fast rules to our sex survey. Just leave your answers in the comments section below. Answer any OR all of the questions you’re comfortable answering. Your responses can be as conservative OR as racy as you like. They can also be as straight to the point or as detailed as you like. And if you are shy, it's perfectly fine to answer anonymously.

Historically you guys have proven to excel when it comes to leaving amusing comments so I’m really looking forward to seeing how this little experiment turns out!

Feel free to post a link or email this survey to your friends. The more participants we have responding to our sex survey the more interesting and entertaining this will be for everyone.

Now for those of you that are game, let’s get this party started!

The Ranter’s Box Sex Survey

1. Of the five primary sexual activities that include vadge sex, oral sex, rubbing one out solo, partnered masturbation and anal sex, which do you rate as your favorite sexual activity?

2. When it comes to giving AND receiving, what do you really think/feel about oral sex?

3. What is one sexual fantasy that you have yet to enact?

4. Thumbs up or Thumbs Down regarding anal sex?

5. What is your favorite sex position?

6. Yay or Nay when it comes to sex toys? If so, what kind?

7. Where is your favorite place to have sex?

8. Yes or No when it comes to condoms?

9. If you had to choose between kissing, oral sex and intercourse AND could only pick two, which two would you opt for?

10. Which famous person would you most like to have sex with?

Thanks for playing!

xo The Empress
aka Blogosphere Sexologist


  1. 1.Vajayjay sex is my favorite
    2. I love giving oral it's a huge turn on, I also love receiving IF the person knows how to effectively
    3.I want to kiss a girl
    4. Mostly thumbs down for me it has happened a time or two and was extremely satisfying a time or two but not something I would do on a regular basis
    5. Doggy Style!
    6. YA sex solo toys not so sure about sharing those
    7. outdoors!
    8. depends if random sex with random yes
    9.kissing and intercourse
    10. Taye Diggs!

  2. @SSW: Thanks for being the first one to jump in and play! And it's only fair if I play along as well:

    1. Vajayjay sex is the best.
    2. It's all good, but the main course (see #1) is the ultimate in fun.
    3. Sex in a glass elevator.
    4. Thumbs down.
    5. On back with full use of legs...
    6. No objections. Love ding dongs and there is nothing like the real thing!
    7. On the floor.
    8. Yes, ALWAYS.
    9. Kissing and intercourse.
    10. Samantha's neighbor in the Sex in the City movie who was naked in the outdoor shower : )

  3. 1. I'll go along with the previous answers, love the vajayjay.
    2. I am a fan of oral sex. More so receiving then giving, but I still do my part.
    3. I've always wanted a threesome but in recent years have started thinking my ego would take a beating - pleasing 1 woman at a time is probably enough for me.
    4. big thumbs down for me, not enjoyable to me.
    5. Kinda dig the doggie thing. Can get a little crazy that way.
    6. I'm all about the toys. You name it, i'll use it - and probably have at some point in time.
    7. Honestly.. in the bed. I've done all the goofy weird places and you can't beat the comfort and versatility of a bed for bumpin' around.
    8. Heck no - but I am in a relationship. With strangers it's be a must.
    9. Oral and intercourse. What can I say? I'm a dude.
    10. Betty White

  4. @Simple Dude: Woo hoo! First dude to weigh in. Must admit that the Betty White thing took me by surprise ...then I started thinking about the penguin suit ...and then I started thinking what the hell am I doing in the middle of your Betty White fantasy! ; )

  5. 1. Solo.
    2. Sex is an equal partnership, if I have a partner that never gave and only receive, that would be no bueno.
    3. Teacher/student
    5. no comment :P

    6. Yay or Nay when it comes to sex toys? If so, what kind?

    7. Where is your favorite place to have sex?

    8. Yes or No when it comes to condoms?

    9. If you had to choose between kissing, oral sex and intercourse AND could only pick two, which two would you opt for?

    10. Which famous person would you most like to have sex with?

  6. OH MY WORD! This is so fun!! YAY SIMPLE DUDE for being the first! LOL...Okay. Here goes. (no one else is gonna see my answers right? lol)

    1. Yes. vajayjay is where it's at.
    2. I LOVE LOVE and I mean LOVE oral sex. Like on all levels in every way...both versions of it! As I've gotten older, I've grown more of an appreciation to giving it...and that means good news for my man.
    3. Tie me up/down a certain level of roughness, (not leaving any bruises except from all the biting)...:-)
    4. N/A (refer to #3)
    5. Most enjoyable (to date) on the edge of the bed w/my partner!
    6. YAY! love them! And using them w/a partner is very cool.
    7. I gotta go w/Simple Dude on this one. I've tried the hood of a car (in a hotel parking lot no less!), and other ingenious places, but the bed..nothing beats the bed.!
    8. YES.
    9. Kissing and intercourse.
    10. LOL LOL! I'm can't stop laughing at Simple Dude's answer long enough to answer. LOL...*ahem*. McSteamy from Grey's. It would be dirty. I like that. :-)

    Okay. If anybody ribs me about this, I'll deny it. :-) Who am I kidding? I LOVE talking about sex!!

  7. 1. P in V. Although I'd rate partnered masturbation a close second for those days where you're horny but just too damn lazy to exert the energy required for P in V sex.

    2. Couldn't-live-without-it-awesome, on both accounts. Although that doesn't mean I'm going to come home from work, look at my husband, and say "Hey, I'm really in the mood to give you a beej tonight, whaddya think?" It's best when giving, receiving, and P in V are all on the menu.

    3. Muff divin.

    4. Thumbs down. Why bother when there's so much better real estate two inches north?

    5. Doggie-style. With light hair pulling. And maybe some ass slapping. Fuck I feel dirty typing this at work.

    6. Yay for occasional use. Anything that vibrates.

    7. I'm glad Simple Dude said in bed too so I don't feel as lame.

    8. I haven't seen one in about five years. Hurray for monogamy!

    9. Kissing and intercourse. This was the hardest question, by far. I'm still not even positive if that's what I'd go with if I actually had to make a decision.

    10. If I can bend the rules a little bit and choose a character that I want want want it would be Eric Northman from True Blood. If not, Jared Leto.

  8. 1. Vadge sex.
    2. I'm selfish. I like receiving more, but I do give just to be fair.
    3. Sex in the rain.
    4. Thumbs down.
    5. Doggy style, for sure. (God, I hope my parents never see this)
    6. I'm not opposed, but honestly aren't very experienced in that area so my vote may not count.
    7. In the bed or on a desk. Desks are much fun.
    9. Kissing and intercourse
    10. Brad Pitt. I know he is like the cheesiest celeb ever, but I've loved him since he took his pants off in Thelma and Louise.

  9. Yippee an excuse for me to talk about sex!
    1. It's all about the va-jay jay!
    2. I enjoy giving but don't as often as I should because I doubt my technique.*blush* I love getting it after I am already hot and bothered, as foreplay not so exciting.
    3. Sex in a public place.
    4. Thumbs down, no thanks.
    5. Me on my stomach legs closed him on top of me, entering from behind, creates great friction!
    6. Yay to toys, all different kinds. It helps that my dad works in a sex toy distrubution center, I get lots of fun things for free!!!
    7. The bed! But our box spring has a horrible squeak and we live above people so we end up on the floor :(
    8. No...even though we should.
    9. Kissing and intercourse.
    10. Ryan Reynolds...swoon

  10. 1.) Definitely the penetration of the vagina via insertion of the phallus, especially with a female atop male combination :)
    2.) I love giving. I guess I have the Freudian oral fixation, because I like to suck on and chew anything, and so you can see where this tendency to come from :) As for receiving, I'm a little uncomfortable at first. Im always wondering whether my bush/vagina weirds my partner out
    3.) I don't.. have one..? Porno gives me ideas though but I can't but feel it's so fake that it doesn't turn me on. I do know that Glamour magazine created a sex game challenge in which a couple is encouraged to try any possible location in the house. That's my only fantasy so far.
    4.) down. Not trying it ever..
    5.) reverse cow girl :D
    6.) yay! uhhhh I've never had sex toys before but I would love to try a dildo or vibrator. I really don't have much sexual experience though (I've only ever really had one partner and I only recently lost the v-card)
    7.) So far I've only done it in bed, but I would love to get rammed against the bathroom wall while taking a shower. I always fantasize about that.
    8.)No... i don't even like the idea of using any type of contraceptive. (not even pills). I'm not against using contraceptives. It's a necessity and I don't deem it evil or against a law of nature. I just don't prefer to use any.
    9.) kissing and intercourse. Oral sex is amazing but it's more of a "horny" activity whereas kissing and love making is more passionate and romantic. Besides, I want to kiss my partner wherever I go. I can't exactly just pull his pants down in the grocery store to suck it.
    10.) I don't think any famous person is appealing, sexually or romantically. Yeah they may be good looking but most famous people have their garbage right out the window for you to see (whether intentional or not), and seeing how exposed they are without the protection of intimacy makes them a turn-off.

  11. by the way guess what word I got for my comment verification? (let me know if the link doesn't work)

  12. 1. I can’t decide without constructing a pie chart.
    2. If she really loved me, she wouldn’t say no.
    3. I am a tentacle monster; she is a feisty Japanese schoolgirl ninja.
    4. Thumbs up, down, and then up again.
    5. The English Muffin. It’s a physically impossible tag team move I invented.
    6. Yay – Spongebob Squarepants merchandise and HP sauce is the best.
    7. The local bus stop.
    8. They’re not even fit for my secondary school teacher’s car exhaust pipe.
    9. I just can’t say kissing without bursting out in laughter.
    10. Sean Bean.

  13. 1. I would have to go with Vadge sex, but partnered masturbation comes in at a close second
    2. I love oral sex, i love to give it, and i really love to receive it
    3. I actually have already gotten to act out my fantasy, being with another woman, my fiance and i had a threesome a while back.
    4. Thumbs up if it is with the right person, they have to be gentle.
    5. I love being on top and having all the control
    6. Douple Yay, vibrators and dildos are a girl's best friends; with a partner or going solo.
    7. my fiance is a truck driver and I love doing it on his truck at a crowded truck stop, maybe it's a kind of public place type of thing
    8. I don't use the because i am in a committed relationship, but when single they are a must.
    9. I would say kissing, and sex...
    10. I would really love to get a piece of shemar moore,, yummy!

  14. 1. Straight up vadge sex. Bring that shit on.

    2. I fucking love it. I love housing it and I love getting housed. Never gets old.

    3. An intense dominant/submissive style sex, with me being the dominant person. I've done the typical hair-pulling and ass-slapping, but there's more I'm capable of that's bound to get let out sooner or later. Important thing is to have a solid rapport with someone before you go crazy in the sizzack.

    4. Never done it, but I want to try it. To a girl, I mean.

    5. Doggystyle rocks; spoon position is great; any sex on the floor or a chair. Missionary is underrated too, but not my favorite by any means.

    6. Yay. Handcuffs, edible lube...whatever. I'm down. Just don't put anything in or near my ass or I will fucking fart on you.

    7. Floor. It's more versatile than a bed because you can really go to town...the cushiness of a bed gets slippery if that makes sense.

    8. Yes. I'll only go raw after I know the person's been tested and I fully trust them. It's only happened to me twice, otherwise I will always wrap it up. Always. I'll turn down sex before fucking a girl I don't know without a rubber.

    9. Oral sex/intercourse if I HAD TO CHOOSE. Kissing's great, but ya gotta get your release, you know? That shit's important.

    10. Beyonce. That would be fun.

  15. You are awesome my lovelies! It's great to see so many of you playing along and I'm loving your answers. I promise to respond more directly to comments later today.

  16. Should have answered this 5 hours ago when i woke up. Now the comment list is so long it will take me forever to keep scrolling to reread the quesions (old lady memory)
    1. Vag.
    2. Oral is great when the mood is right. both giving and recieving
    3. I have this fantasy of running away and meeting up with an internet lover for a weekend of no holds barred, no regrets wild sex. Well that is the fantasy when I am cross with the hubby. It is only make beleive and will never happen
    4. not really my thing
    5. I like my leg on his shoulder when we are in mish
    6. My Lelo, rechargable, girls best friend
    7. 5 star hotel, king size bed, spa etc. Kids a long way away
    8. No, but I'm married, he is snipped and I am menopausal
    9. Kissing and intercourse
    10 Hugh Jackman

    Ps come visit my blog when you have time. Bit of bloggy love for you

  17. 1. Oh, vadge I love you so.

    2. Though I am a knob-slob, I could take it or leave it either way. I do like receiving, but most of the men whom I've let dip their tongues in the honey pot, didn't know what to do with the honey. Women tend to be much better at, um, honey-hunting.

    3. In the words of rapper Shawty Lo, "Done done it all." All fantasies fulfilled. What the hell is left to do?

    4. Thumbs Down. I will do it occasionally to please the hubs, but I must be REALLY wasted.

    5. Reverse cowgirl all the way! And regular cowgirl. And the buck with my head hanging over the side of the bed. Did it get hot in here?

    6. Yay! Yay! Yay! I'd post a link to my favorite one, but Adam and Eve doesn't sell it anymore. So here's a similar one:

    7. The bathroom counter provides a nice angle.

    8. I prefer condoms because they're less messy and how the hell do I always end up in the wet spot? Hubby doesn't like them so no to that one. I make this small concession because he did buy the cow when he was already getting plenty milk for free. I just made a sexist remark about my damn self. Wow.

    9. Oral sex and intercourse. Sorry, I've got intimacy issues. I'm like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman; I'll give you head, but if you kiss me, I'm kicking your ass!

    10. If you only knew the things I've already done to Idris Elba in my head. Oh, and Boris Kodjoe, Ludacris, the Aussie who plays Lily's hubby on Y&R, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. I'll stop now.

  18. @The Adorkable Ditz: So that would be a NO to #4? Did you suddenly get shy about answering the other questions?

    @Cinderita: Sex talk is the BEST! Thumbs up re: McSteamy. You just know it would get all fun and freaky ; )

    @irishgrudge: Thanks for playing along! And good on you for having the nads to do so while at work!
    @Jumble Mash: Oooh, desks. That reminds me of something I want to do ; )

    @Me, Myself and I: Sex talk is ALWAYS welcome and encouraged here!

    Pragmatic Spector: Oral fixation? You go girl! I'm mulling over a theory I have about this particular topic that I want to do for a post.

    @Drake Sigar: I'm still laughing at your responses. The fantasy one especially!

    @Amber LaShell: Crowded truck stop, now that's one I haven't heard of before. I'm feeling the Shemar thing too : )

    @Danaconda: Yeah, the floor allows for endless possibilities. Can't wait to hear more about the part that is bound to get out sooner or later. I'm sure your friend "Tom" will be disappointed that you qualified your response to the anal question to mean women only. House it!!

    @Mynx: Hubby will be relieved. ...Hugh Jackman, YES! Definitely wouldn't kick his arse out of bed that is for sure!

    @Mrs. Hyde: Yeah, it got real hot in here! ...The bathroom counter does provide a really nice angle plus there is the whole mirror thing but I digress... I'm guessing Dwayne probably knows his way around the bedroom ; )

  19. This makes me so happy. I should have read and answered these prior to writing my blog tonight about how great my day was. Hahaha! Any reason to talk about sex and I'm in!

    1. Vag, definately.

    2. Love it! I get off on knowing I am pleasing my man and have an oral fixation and no gag relfex...and every man's dream. I can't get enough of it! I love receiving as well IF the man knows what he is doing...and with some fingers to g-spot stimulation.

    3. I can't believe I'm going to admit this...but why not? I want to head out to a dinner date with a special somebody in a skirt with no panties and have him finger me to orgasm and then finger feed me something so I taste myself on his fingers. Haven't found the right person for this one yet though...or if I'm being honest, worked up the balls to go through with it.

    4. DOWN!

    5. Doggy style with hair pulling, biting, and some ass slapping.

    6. Yes to toys with our without a partner I think they are fantastic!

    7. Bed allows for most versatility but I love being adventurous and trying new places, too.

    8. Always, even in relationships (not on the pill)

    9. Kissing and intercourse. This was hard since I love love love oral...but I can't give up kissing...I just can't.

    10. Jason Statham...hands down and no questions! YUMMY!

  20. 1. Vag sex for sure. Warm, wet, sweaty, vag sex.

    2. I am a huge fan of giving oral sex. I have been told that I should have a nobel prize in going down on the ladies. As far as receiving oral sex, I have yet to meet a woman who could do it longer than 2 minutes.

    3. I want to bang a woman from France.

    4. If she has a bad attitude, then I am all for anal sex. Because nothing cures bitchiness better than some anal.

    5. Woman on top, because after licking her like a cow licks a salt blog, I am tired.

    6. Yay to the toys.

    7. Bed or couch.

    8. I hate condoms. I got snipped because of those things. And I will write about my horrible experience with the vasectomy.

    9. Oral sex and intercourse because some women have nasty mouths.

    10. I would do very bad things to the vag of the mom on Weeds. She is smoking. Literally.

  21. 1. Vadge sex of course.

    2. Love to give and receive but there are some days when the idea of popping a penis in your mouth is just not ideal. Wish I were receiving a little more though!

    3. Something S&M orientated.

    4. Down. The your anus is not designed for uh... such vigorous activity!

    5. Missionary - it's way more intimate.

    6. Never tried any before!

    7. Bed/shower/stairs/in a homemade fort?

    8. Yes because the terror of getting pregnant is not worth it! But oh my goodness sex without is UNREAL.

    9. Kissing and intercourse. You didn't say where we would be kissing!

    10. I don't know. Johnny Depp..? He's all dirty and stuff.

  22. @Jewels: The boys will love your response to question 2 ...which could eventuate in your response to question 3 coming true. ...And a big hell yeah to Jason. He is hot!

    @Oilfield Trash: Welcome to the snarky family! Your responses are hilarious. Love the part about licking it like a salt block. ...And if you troll the survey responses you'll find a couple ladies who are rather fond of doing it for more than two minutes : )

    @Anonymous: Homemade fort? Now that is another one to add to the to-do list for sure! ...Your thinking in response to question 9 is exactly in line with my thinking!

  23. Wheeeee ... Let's talk about sex!!!! Oh, I remember it fondly (bit of a dry spell at the moment, no pun intended ...)

    1.Gimme the vadge sex .. and then give it to me again, and again and one more time, for good measure.

    2. I love to give - huge turn on ... also love to receive, as long as my partner knows what they're doing ... and even then, I'm willing to train ...

    3. I've never been blindfolded and would like to try that

    4. Uh, no, that's not happening. But as an aside - Oilfield - greatest answer ever.

    5. Wow! Tough question! If I HAD to choose, I'd say me on top. But standing, against a wall - wow! Doggie style - woof! And sometimes, there is something really great about good old fashioned, face-to-face missionary.

    6. Sure, why not? Toys can be anything from feathers to scarves to lotions to dildos to vibrators. I like them as an addition or enhancement to partnered sex, not a replacement. Whatever it is, just be able to have fun with it and with your partner.

    7. Don't have a particular favorite place ... anywhere can be great ...

    8.Yes, if std or pregnancy is a concern. Or, if either partner has a talent for making balloon animals. Always a crowd pleaser.

    9.Kissing and intercourse, definitely. A good kiss can almost send me over the edge as much as oral!

    10.Johnny Depp or David Beckham. and I'm sure they both feel the same about me.

  24. 1. Vag for sure.
    2. Giving is fun, to a point. Receiving can be good, but overrated.
    3. Sex in a semi-public place.
    4. Thumbs down.
    5. Me on top.
    6. They're ok, but not necessary.
    7. I'm glad other people already said bed so I don't feel lame. Or maybe the couch...
    8. Depends on the person. If I’m in a relationship (and know the guy isn’t some diseased freak), I usually don’t use them. Other than that, they’re kind of a necessary evil.
    9. Kissing and intercourse.
    10. Ryan Reynolds. Yum.

  25. From anonymous male in NZ:

    1) They are all good; although least favourite is anal

    2) I love both, preferably at the same time.

    3) I've fulfilled most of my fantasies but a 3-some at work would be nice - especially it if was with female colleagues or ex female colleagues! I agree with empress too - sex in a glass elevator would be great. working to a timeline and being watched potentially; superb. I like cybersex for fun; I like sex with foreigners (especially if they can't speak English). Sex on a train would be interesting.

    4) easy on this, don't mind; can take it or leave it

    5) anything outdoors/in public!

    6) if i'm watching 2 girls together, of if a girl is 'performing', then toys are great

    7) see 5).

    8) yes with strangers. no to those you know very well

    9) depends who it is. I'll perm any 2 of 3

    10) cameron diaz. or denise van outen. or wendy james. or ideally the 3 of them plus me.

  26. 1) P in the V.... ALWAYS.

    2) Have always preferred giving to receiving. But that's all personal preference, no?

    3) Role-playing. But I will VERY VERY soon.

    4) Thumbs down. Although I've tried it on a few occasions. Just not my cup of tea. Especially if he's built on the large side. PAIN!

    5) The lying doggie. LMAO. But I think you knew that.

    I want to answer the rest but my boss is giving me the stink eye. KISSES!

  27. @PM Taylor: Balloon animals? Ha! : )

    @Toni: The bed definitely isn't lame...the you can just roll right over and go to sleep.

    @Anonymous Male in NZ: No doubt some of your fantasies have inspired other readers to new heights!

    @Annah: Yay, you played along! Definitely can't wait to read a future post on your role-playing adventures. The possibilities are endless!

  28. @ Empress - I'd be interested to know which other readers have indeed been inspired!!!!

  29. I posted mine on my blog. :) HERE:

  30. Ok I did this as a blog post

  31. @Anonymous: Ha!

    @Smart Ass Sara: Yay! And thank you so much for posting a link to this post. It's all meant in good fun and the more people that participate the better!

    @Shirley: Thanks for stopping by and for using my pervy little sex survey as your blog post today. Love it!

  32. 1. Can I cheat and say mutual oral followed by vag? No? Well, vag then.

    2. I LOVE giving because let's be blunt--I'm good at giving, and having my man squirm with pleasure makes me feel like a sex goddess. Receiving is one of my favorite things in the world if the giver knows what the fuck he's doing.

    3. Oo, boy. I think I've done them all. What's the point of having fantasies if you never live them? Wait. WAIT. I want to have hot sex in every city on my Must-Visit list. Damn, I might write a 1000 Places To Have Sex In Before You Die book.

    4. I'm more "anal play" than "anal sex." I'll flirt with it, but I'm not so much into full-out anal.

    5. Honestly? I LOVE them all. Except the "spooning" position. You know, you're spooning, all cuddly and shit, and then things get more heated...but that position does not feel remotely pleasurable for me.

    6. Yes. I need variety in my sex life. Definitely don't need them for every session, but I like options.

    7. I love the bed, but I generally like places with more "give." More to push off of. So the floor, table, couch, desk, front seat, wherever. Hell, maybe I just need a firmer mattress.

    8. I'm one of the boring "will-only-have-sex-in-a-seriously-committed-relationship" types. But if you ride bareback in casual encounters, you're a goddamn idiot. Sorry.

    9. Joining the kissing-and-intercourse club like most commenters.

    10. Ryan Gosling.


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