Friday, May 20, 2011

Don’t forget to pack this in your apocalypse survival kit

In my last post I shared information about an awesome new invention created by one of my brilliant friends. This invention just hit the stores and is sure to be a major hit in the marketplace, prompting the masses to wonder why in the heck they didn’t think of the idea first.

By contrast, on the flipside of the great invention coin is this rather stinky idea:

Use this and then imagine yourself trying to explain what in the bejeezus you have stuffed up in your drawers the next time you about to commence with some sexy time!!

Happy Friday my lovelies and see you on the other side,
xo The Empress


  1. You are a riot! Where do you come up with this stuff?

  2. Oh, the bedroom confessional. The time where you discover hair in places that you don't want to think about, and that extra stuffing/padding in her bra or his pants...

    Too funny. I fell out of my chair at work laughing, and had to tell my boss it was because of a coworker's email...

  3. @Bouncin' Barb: It must be genetic ; ) Oops. There I am causing trouble in the office ...even from afar!

  4. LOL! Why do I get the irresistible urge to laugh when it comes to farts? I love it! I want a dozen, just to start! XD

  5. Funny but that is a pretty stupid idea for a product. I wonder if anyone actually buys these things and uses them for real.

  6. Weird video...

  7. Hahahahaha this was so apropos today - a kid farted loudly in the library and I couldn't stop laughing. What a great adult role model I am. :))
    BTW, the google ads running below the Subtle Butt video were for Slimfast and Pizza & Wingz )

  8. That was so funny I loved it wish hubby was home he would have thought so too......what am I saying he has no sense of humour................

  9. oh my goodness...that is so special! haha.

  10. great post. be sure and stop by my blog tomorrow i left you something. hugs

  11. ...nothing like ending my Friday evening with a healthy laugh:)


  12. wonder if it comes in teenage boy size. Extra absorbant I would hope

  13. @D4: Maybe you will get lucky and Santa will leave some in your stocking this year : )

    @Anonymous: It seems that D4 above is pretty hip on the product.

    @The Adorkable Ditz: True. Sometimes I wonder how I find these crazy things.

    @li: Well I guess you'll know what to hand someone the next time they rip a loud one in the library. ...Very interesting about the ads ; )

    @J.Day: Right, huh?

    @Jo-Anne Rambling: You could always replay the video for him later. Maybe he will smile.

    @Lemons Don't Make Lemonade: Double that sentiment!

    @ Jewels: Special in a good way or not so good way?

    @Becca: Thanks sweetie. I'll definitely stop by your blog tomorrow.

    @Elliot Grace: Yay! Now I know I have done my job for the day : )

    @Mynx: Ha! They could always be doubled up I suppose ; )

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  15. @Tigey: Thanks for stopping by and chiming in. Hope you will come back by again. There is always plenty of snarkiness ready and waiting!


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