Thursday, June 23, 2011

What a Joke: House Arrest Edition

It’s been a while since I did a celebutard update but seeing as the incredibly self-indulgent, non-law abiding lunatic Lindsey Lohan is still managing to get herself into trouble while under so-called ‘house arrest’, I thought I would take the opportunity to demonstrate what a complete farce the California judicial system continues to be when it comes to punishing celebrities.

To recap, due to so-called jail overcrowding, Lindsey the Prison Evader was originally sentenced to house arrest for violating her (most recent) probation when she was charged with stealing a $2,500 necklace from a local jewelry store. Lilo started her 35-day sentence of ‘house vacation’ on May 26, 2011 at her multi-million dollar cushy beachside Venice, CA home.

While under ‘house vacation’ Lindsey has been allowed to: have visitors, take business meetings, conduct revenue generating interviews with trash tabloids, film a commercial for (for an undisclosed sum of money), pose for photographs, host a roof-top party she referred to as a BBQ for friends, lounge in the sun, watch movies, and enjoy all the creature comforts of her luxurious home.

Yet despite photographic evidence of Lindsey partying on her rooftop, probation officers being recently called out to her house when her electronic monitoring bracelet sounded an alarm, and Lilo reportedly failing an alcohol test, she again got just another silly little slap on the wrist.

Today during a court hearing, Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner (the very same judge who reduced Lindsey’s felony grand theft charge down to a misdemeanor and ordered her to ‘house vacation’) stated that despite Lilo having tested positive for alcohol during a June 13th, 2011 test, she DID NOT think that the troubled starlet had violated her probation.

See the wine glasses and booze bottle? Obviously there is no drinking going on...

The judge however did finally tell Lindsey (six days before her sentence ends) that she is not allowed to have parties while serving house arrest. How convenient. Her house arrest is scheduled to end on June 29, 2011.

Way to go Judge Sautner! Nothing like teaching a habitual criminal offender a good lesson…

Enjoy the rest of your week my lovelies!
xo The Empress


  1. She is such a shit show! I hate that she's famous. And I really hate that people tell me I look like her. Gross.

  2. Totally agree with you here!


  3. I'm sorry. What did you say her name was? I think my eyes started bleeding at the photo and I couldn't finish reading the post.

  4. @Ms. Charity P: You said it. Major gross shit show if there ever was one!

    @Canadianbloggergirl: Now if only that foolish judge would get the point...

    @Cinderita: Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to traumatize your poor eyeballs. Much better scenery is in the post below!

  5. proof that money can buy you anything including an easy prison term

    Everyday Life

  6. It's outrageous. Pure and simple. That girl has nine criminal lives; that's for sure. But, we all know if our little darlins pulled the same stuff, they'd be holed up in a cell... Infuriating.

  7. @Becca: And isn't that sad?

    @SharleneT: There are people that serve hard prison time when they are merely guilty by association. This little twat has DUI, drugs, assault, and theft charges and this is all she gets. Very infuriating indeed.

  8. I love these posts. When was the last time this girl actually worked? And why exactly is she famous?

  9. Thats California life, where its more important to please celebrities than deal out real justice. Not to get all Biblical on you, but isnt Cal. a good fit with the description of Babylon the Great in Revelation?

  10. California can't realistically punish the famous, their economy would go in the tank without the Hollywood elite.

  11. She looked better as a red head.

    Just saying.

  12. She's probably busy writing an autobiography while dining on take-out Chinese food, too!

  13. @Mynx: Thanks! She has been in and out of court, rehab and jail so often over the past few years that she has hardly had time to do anything that the majority of the population would consider real work.

    @CWMartin: The Hollyhood is sad when it comes to justice. They need to build a special prison for celebrity offenders and charge them to stay there when they are sentenced to crimes. Every cell would be solitary confinement.

    @Danger Boy: One of those so called 'celebrity elite' is personally responsible for helping run the state into the ground. The CA economy is seriously suffering celebutards or no celebutards.

    @Joshua: Maybe her carpet is still red? ; )

    @laughingmom: Probably. She is also quoted as saying that she has been painting and cooking while home under "house vacation".

  14. She should be doing real community service, like serving food at a soup kitchen or picking up garbage on the highway.

  15. Shit like this make me want to stab myself in the eyeball. Can't we stick all these celebufucktards on some random uncharted island and ditch them?

    Oh and I'm with Joshua - she's just fugly as a blonde.

  16. @theTsaritsa: Excellent idea. I vote for picking up garbage on the highway OR dog poop in a community park.

    @J.Day: I'm with you 100%!!!

  17. What's to expect, nothing short of murdering someone will net anything other than a slap on the wrist.

  18. @braumaman: Unfortunately that is proving to be the case where ole' fire crotch is concerned.


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