Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm TOO Sexy for my Pants

Due to time constraints, we'll keep this post short and sweet today my lovelies and just go with a photo of the day:


And yes, while the photo is a wee bit rude, hopefully the image brought a bit of smile to your day. Please feel free to leave your own caption for the photo down below in the comment section.

Have a fantabulous rest of the week!
xo The Empress

Friday, September 9, 2011

Stuffing and Little Faux Hookers

The show toddlers & tiaras seems to take the brunt of disdain expressed by the public for its often shocking portrayal of the child beauty pageant world. In reality it should be the poor judgment of the shitty parents of pageant contests that should be brought into question.

First there was the mother who decided that dressing her pageant daughter up in a Dolly Parton costume complete with fake boobies was a good idea. When questioned as to what "those things" were, even the toddler knew that a three year old should not be prancing around on stage with stuffing in her bosom area.

But not to be outdone in the jackwagon department, another mother took her pageant antics to a completely new and shameful level. Case in point, check out this video clip highlighting how one woman thought that dressing her toddler up as a mini-prostitute was an appropriate and title-winning competition strategy:

What's next? Pole dancing in the the talent portion of the beauty pageant?
Totally disgusting ...I'm just saying...

Happy Weekend my lovelies! I hope you'll please excuse my sporadic appearance in the blogosphere lately. From time to time my paying job will require my full attention but please know that I miss each and every one of you while I am away. Thanks for hanging in there!!

xo The Empress