Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Veggies and Shit Storms

It’s rather interesting to discover which types of blog posts illicit the most comments and even outright fury by some readers. Back in the early days of my blogging, one of my favorite bloggers ‘The Bitchy Waiter’ posted something about vegetarians*. That particular post made me realize that something as mundane and innocuous as vegetables could spark a blogging shit storm of major proportions.

Yes, you read that correctly. Vegetables. Category 5 shit storm. Readers were leaving quite lengthy and fascinating comments supporting their case for OR against being a vegetarian. Now I like a spirited debate as much as the next person but the situation quickly veered off track and started to get ugly.

The mud-slinging and casting of sticks and stones was beyond epic. And to be truthful, somewhat entertaining. Some anonymous douche canoe crossed over the line and wrote a derogatory racial comment that had positively no relevance to the topic at hand. Another person alluded to some nonsense about vegetarians not being cable of having orgasms. And as to be expected, there were guilt inducing comments that had incredibly heavy political or moral undertones.

Being a vegetarian, I of course had to share my two cents as well. I totally get that there are some wacky and sanctimonious vegans and vegetarians out there who constantly climb up on their rickety-ass soap boxes and chastise anyone who dares to consume meat. Those types of annoying and holier than thou crack pots get on my nerves too. But not all vegetarians are like that. I for one am most certainly not.

Basically I was born a vegetarian. I eat normal food just minus any sort of meat. This is because I do not enjoy the taste, texture or even smell of meat. Eating meat does not agree with my body and therefore I do not eat anything that has a face. It is as simple as that.

However, not eating meat is where I draw the line. I am not a vegan and have zero desire to venture over into that territory. If other people choose a lifestyle of veganism then good on them. I happen to love the yummy deliciousness that is otherwise known as cheese, yogurt and ice cream far too much to ever imagine my life without them.

With that being said, I admit that when it comes to going out to eat the process is generally a major pain in the ass for a vegetarian. This because there are usually very few desirable choices on the menu for a vegetarian. But then why should a restaurant have to cater to me and my individual food preferences? They shouldn't.

And as for those gross little eating establishments that cater to vegans and vegetarians, I absolutely 100% avoid them like the plague. For some strange reason their menu selections tend to consist of creepy sounding ingredients and abnormally high concentrations of garlic, to which I am highly allergic.

But big deal. I go out to eat and share meals with others because I enjoy the company of those involved. I can always order a salad minus the meat or even better have dessert instead! If my dinner companions want to eat ginormous, bloody raw steaks then more power to them.

This perspective comes from understanding and appreciating that there are many people who (unlike me) just so happen to salivate over big honking slabs of juicy roasted meat. I on the other hand just so happen to drool over chocolate cupcakes and designer handbags. And yes, many of those lovely purses just so happen to be made out of leather.

But in the grand scheme of things who really cares? Maybe if more people focused on finding common ground with others instead of looking for the things that could potentially divide them, then perhaps the world would be a happier place. …I’m just saying…

Happy Monday my lovelies!
xo The Empress

*This particular post was also how I became acquainted with my dear bloggy friend Mrs. Hyde over at 'A Bitch Called Mom'. Go check her out if you aren't already familiar. She is incredibly fun to read!


  1. I absolutely love you... that is all!

  2. I thought this might be a post on sprouts and E.coli. It's refreshing to see someone with a live and let live attitude for a change. Kudos! Fortunately, quite a few restaurants in my area offer a fair (and well-prepared) selection of vegetarian entrees.

  3. @Jess: Why thank you my dear!

    @li: Thanks for the kudos. How lucky you are to have an array of choices when it comes to eating out.

  4. I couldn't be a vegetarian. It's not that I don't enjoy vegetables, I would just miss meat too much. The smell of a barbeque or all the grills at a tailgate are just plain intoxicating to me. I then crave whatever it is I am smelling (usually burgers or ribs). I go through times when I don't eat as much meat but I wouldn't be able to give it up without feeling deprived. To each his own!

  5. Great post, I have a 15 year old daughter who is a vegetarian and every year sells a 4-H steer for slaughter for an extremely over-inflated price. She loves to BBQ steaks for us when she is cooking supper for us and drinks about a gallon of milk a day. She is the perfect vegetarian and she will love to read your post because she also dislikes the soap box people.

  6. @Barsola: Amen when it comes to each his own. Some of my close relatives could happily eat a side of beef every chance they get!

    @Tammy H: Looking forward to hearing your daughter's thoughts : )

  7. Exactly. Thanks for the post. Much needed. Come visit when you can.

  8. You are allergic to garlic therefore are a vegetarian vampire. This of course raises so many problems that I don't even know where to start. My wife is vegetarian but eats fish therefore she is in fact a pescatarian. It is complicated.

  9. If everyone would worry more about their own lives PERIOD the world would be such a happier place. I eat what I like, not what is trendy. I wear what I like, not what is trendy. I smile a lot because I love life and just because mine is in a rut right doesn't mean I can't be happy and fun. Too many finger pointers. Great post, as always. You rock and so does Mrs. Hyde!

  10. Let people be who they want. I for one don't eat beef, but it's mostly because the beef in the US is diseased and sick.

    Good post though.


    You can pick people from either side that fit into this category... RAAA RAAA RAAA!!!

  12. Maybe if more people focused on digging in the ground and discovering the joys of growing and minding their own vegetables, then perhaps the world would be a happier and healthier place. …I’m just saying…
    Fab post... as always!

  13. Yes I love my meat not a big fan of vegies but I do have nothing against those who chose not to eat meat.Everyone is different that is what makes the world go round, also I do not eat seafood ever I do not like the smell or the taste of seafood yest I have tried it but it is just not to my liking and I get really pissed when people have a go at me for not likeing seafood. Maybe that is why I feel to each their own.

  14. If I were to become a vegetarian, my cattle ranching grandfather (also my employer) would probably disown me. LOL But I love meat too much. Whatever floats your boat! :o)

  15. Good post. I ain't a veggie tale, but I don't mind people who are. Each to his own.

  16. @SharleneT: Glad you enjoyed the read.

    @Tony Van Helsing: Yes, vegetarian vampire fits the bill perfectly!

    @Bouncin' Barb: Right back at you my friend!

    @braumaman: Good point and yet another reason why I'm not keen on eating things with faces.

    @Lost.in.Idaho: Too right. And at the end of the day none of it really matters.

    @Possum: Well said!

    @Jo-Anne Rambling: Couldn't agree more about the seafood.

    @J.Day: You are probably right and if cattle munching floats your boat then good on you!

    @Oilfield Trash: Back in the day there was a song about a girl that went something like "she don't eat meat but she sure like the bone". Would this be the sort of vegetarian you were referring to? ; )

  17. I enjoy entertaining my vegetarian friends, gives me an opportunity to try new foods. I will confess to loving to eat meat, sometimes craving a nice steak but then i also sometimes crave just a bowl of veges or a block of choccie.
    Im with you, each to thier own and respect each others choices.
    I just go all mother hen with my vegetarian friends and encourage them to make sure they get plenty of iron

  18. I'm a bad vegetarian. Not bad in the sense that I call myself a vegetarian and eat fish or chicken, but bad in the sense that I don't care if others eat meat. I even cook it for The Wife and kids about three times a week. Why? It doesn't bother me. I'm a vegetarian by choice because I never liked the flavor as a kid, and mom and dad didn't care so long as I was healthy.

  19. I really couldn't care less what people chose to eat. As long as everyone is happy with what they get and like you say don't preach their beliefs onto others I'm a happy camper.

    Good on ya for being you!


  20. I've just realised that you are a vampire. My name is Van Helsing so I must hunt you down. Sorry.

  21. I agree with OT. I love a cheeseburger, but I get it that there are those that think I'm the devil for choosing my carnivorous ways.

  22. and here a i thought i was getting a cute little veggie tale post should have known..lol.. i always find you entertaining by the way good for you being a vegetarian.

    Everyday Life

  23. If animals were not supposed to be eaten why the hell are they made of meat?

  24. @Mynx: Here is to blocks of choccie!

    @Joshua: Sounds like we are two peas in a pod.

    @Canadianbloggergirl: Too right matey!!

    @Tony Van Helsing: Please don't stake me Mr. Van Helsing ; )

    @Copyboy: Devil smevil. Everyone knows the devilish always have more fun!

    @Becca: Thanks my dear : )

  25. @Southern Man: Well, they ARE suppose to be eaten by about 90% of the population, I just so happen to be in that small group that only eats one kind of meat ; )


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