Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fun Bags and Chips

Today's Video of the Week shines the spotlight on the legendary dumb blonde. Love her or hate her, she possesses that oh-so magical ability to always keep things interesting and amusing. Case in point:

Props to the reader who leaves the funniest caption below in the comments section.

Have a wonderful week my lovelies!
xo The Empress


  1. Watching her work for that straw make me fear what she'd be like in bed. If I filmed it, it wouldn't be a famous celebrity sextape, it'd end up on the Funniest Home Videos show.

  2. @Lost.in.Idaho: Her tongue action at the end of the video was hilarious!

  3. Hahaha. Unfortunately Lost in Idaho kinda stole my comment. Good to know I'm not the only one whose mind works that way. But still I know how depressing an empty box can be so have some blog love anyway ;)

  4. @dirtycowgirl: All comments are appreciated so many thanks!

  5. Face-palm. OMG That was funny. I love that her tatas are hiding the fries. I mean chips. Whatever their called.

    I wonder what it's like to look directly down and see nothing but all that cleavage. lol

  6. And you thought it was men what can't see past them things!

  7. LMAOing and thanking my lucky stars I'm a brunette.

  8. @J.Day: Chips, feet ... it's all the same. Everything is hidden by those big bosoms! Glad you enjoyed the video clip.

    @CWMartin: HA! So true!!

    @Copyboy: That's what she said (the waitress) ; )

  9. After the waitress left the blonde thought to herself damn I didn't think having boobs would make me look so thick.........but more importantly I need to pee and I don't know which bathroom to use I have boobs but I also stand up to pee.............
    what to do........

  10. Joanne's comment hands down! I Love It!!!!

  11. Ad redone with a male waiter: His answer, "Huh? Um..." *stares at boobs for several seconds* "I dunno."

  12. ok who did you pay to get my home video they promised e that tape would never see daylight. damn i knew I shouldn't have trusted hubby.

  13. Burger & fries... $ 7.00
    Breast Implants...$ 3,000.00
    Being the waitress with the brain... PRICELESS

    Loved it!

  14. Weez all bean a wundrin where Suzi got two, seems like shes faamus now...got erself a telovision gig up there in Ideho. Ma and Pa's gonna be green with envy, after drinkin up a storm two sellebrate.

    I told Suzi i'da be the best investment ever using her college fund for titties - an it looks like I was right.
    Man...she's gonna be faamus, damn anyway I used my college fund for writin' classes...


    Dear Empress...as you can see, I'm cracking up over here...in Blondesville!

    You started my day with a great laugh - thanks!

    Cheers, Jenny

  15. @Jo-Anne Rambling: That certainly creates an interesting visual!

    @Bouncin' Barb: She is a clever one isn't she?

    @Vinny C: So says the man famous for drawing stick figures with boobies ; )

    @becca: Tee hee! One good turn deserves another. Can't wait for you to post your own video of hubby.

    @The Chick in the Chair Perspective: That would make for a great ad!!

    @Pearson Report: Love your dialogue Jenny! Glad you enjoyed the video clip : )

  16. I'm a man but I have the same problem as that woman, but with my belly. I'd swear I didn't have a penis if I didn't know where it was.

  17. @danjor21: Thanks for stopping by and chiming in! Great comment but looking at your profile photo, it doesn't look too much like you are rocking a Santa belly ; )


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